The Anatomy of Jane
WJM #1
Amelia LeFay
In my mind three people in a relationship is one too many. That doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed the hell out of this one. This story had sweet parts, emotional parts, and some light-hearted ones too. This was my first menage and it won’t be my last. 
Jane has always been on her own. She grew up in a crack house and always had to fend for herself. The only person who comes close to family is Allen – he grew up with her likewise in the foster system. She works as a bartender, manager and jack-of-all-trades at Allen’s strip club. When she has to quit this job she asks her friend for a job as a maid. She ends up cleaning a penthouse when she runs into Max and Wes tearing each other’s clothes off. Jane is fascinated.
Max is stinkin’ rich. He comes from excellent, prestigious, old stock. When he sees the Peepin’ Tom in the hall he gets cranky. For several reasons  – society, family, work being only a couple of them – he can’t afford being in the public eye and outed as gay, so he resorts to intimidation. Yet, there is something about this beautiful girl that doesn’t let him forget her. Wes suggests to open their relationship to Jane, but does Max really want to share his lover?
Wes is a chef at one of Boston’s best restaurants. He has found his calling in cooking the best meals. When he sees Jane watching him and Max he notices the mesmerized look in her eyes. For the first time in the four years he has been with his boyfriend he is attracted to somebody else. It doesn’t diminish his feelings for Max but he is intrigued and wants to explore where this could go with Jane if only Max was willing. 
Geeeez, Max was a moody mofo. It took me a bit to warm up to him but when I did I was all in. He has this attraction to a woman he just met and can’t explain why. He is happy in his relationship and Jane confuses the hell out of him. Max is a brooder, arrogant, often rude to his “minions” at work. The moment he owns to this pull towards Jane he opens up to the reader and you get to see a completely different Max. He is caring, deep and thoughtful.
Wes was a delight to read about. He is the polar opposite of Max. Charming, sweet and funny. He feels this fierce desire for Jane. Jane…she is one of the sweetest heroines. Humorous, straight forward, loyal and she doesn’t take the shit Max dishes out. When she decides to try new waters with Max and Wes she goes all in. 
Jane is the missing link between those two, the element that enhances the relationship of the two men. She is not the third wheel, she finds her place between the two of them. Figuratively and literally. The smexy times were hot beyond words. They went at it like rabbits and burned up the sheets. 
The story ends on a cliffy, and those who know me, know that I’m not very fond of those…but hell, I started with them, might as well continue. This one was worth it. It was hot, it was funny and I loved every second of it. One word about the writing style – it was fluent and effortless.

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