Spinning Out
The Blackhawk Boys #1
Lexi Ryan

For me to love a story depends 75% on the female lead. I know. It’s not fair but there you have it. Since I’m supposed to be studying hard, I’ll forgo the summary and jump right into my thoughts.

Arrow was a wonderfully broken character. He was loyal to the bone and tried to adhere to the bro code when it came to his friend Brogan. He went through hell and back and took the penance for what he’d done and hadn’t with grace.

Brogan was an idiot and why his friends stood by him the way they did I can’t fathom. The author failed to convince me why he was the good guy he was supposed to be, there was all this talk about him being such a great guy but I didn’t *see* it. He was one-dimensional (spoiler, please highlight to see) and it didn’t help that he screwed around on the heroine

Mia fell flat for me. Throughout 400+ pages I couldn’t get a read on her. I have no idea why these young men went all gaga over her. She wasn’t not likable. She just…was. I wanted to care about her but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to tell you much about her if you asked me, except maybe that she was a hard worker.

I’m still rating this with 3 stars because the story itself and the mystery were good and I did like the author’s writing style.
It is written in dual-POV and additionally switches between before and after the accident. It has a somber tone throughout the story, there is nothing light-hearted to lift the darker mood. There are secondary characters who were really likable and I think we will get at least two more stories about them. I will definitely read more of this author, I think these boys have potential!

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