From This Day Forward
The Wedding Belles #0.5 
Lauren Layne
What we have here is a sweet, sexy novella by one of my favorites when I crave low angst. It’s a second chance story with adorable main characters. It starts off LL’s new Wedding Belles series.

Wedding photographers Jason and Leah were lovers until one day, when Jason’s door opened and Leah faced a woman only in a t-shirt. Deeply hurt, she ran, never giving Jason the chance to explain. 
When Leah walked away from Jason he knew that he wouldn’t be able to forget this little firecracker so quickly.  

“Moth, meet flame.”

So when friend Alexis Morgan, owner of the wedding planers “Wedding Belles”, approaches him to share photographing duties with Leah at a high profile wedding he jumps at the chance.

This was a sweet quick read and I really adored Jason. The theme here is the lack of communication when you are hurt and how you could miss out on something that could actually be really good. The resolution of the issues was a tad too quick for my taste but I can see how this is tough to do if you only have a certain number of words available. Still a lovely enjoyable story.

ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review – thank you!

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