Meghan Quinn & Jessica Prince

Take a bad boy, a sassy girl with a heart of gold, well-meaning friends and lots of deep belly laughs, shake the ingredients and you have “Hustler”.

Penelope’s first day on the job, waiting the high roller room of Hotel Paragon, doesn’t go as planned. One of the guests thinks it’s ok to touch the goods so what else can she do other than put him in his place. Too bad Mr. Saint calls her upstairs into the control room and she is at risk to lose her job. It is not what she imagined to do when she was a young girl but she needs this job.  The tips are great and give her the time and possibility to pursue her career as a gymnast.

Gavis Saint knows the poker tables of the world. He is the best. He works the control room of the Hotel Paragon’s high roller room when he doesn’t play. One day he sees a beautiful new waitress there. When this girl knees one of the guests in their nuts he has to meet her. So let’s just get her upstairs, shall we?

Gavin is a manwhore. He supposedly looks like Nick Bateman. Gavin did check online and indeed, he says, he does look a lot like him. Now let’s take a look at the eye candy.

*clears throat*

Where was I?
Oh yeah.

Personally I think he looks like an arrogant cocky bastard, albeit a mighty hot one.

But that’s exactly what Gavin is. So the choice is perfect. Gavin doesn’t do relationships – since his father’s love for a woman who wasn’t worth it killed him Gavin Saint decided never to be like his old man and let the fairer sex lead him around by his dick. He doesn’t let people read him because that would give them a deeper look into his soul.

Penelope/Nell was such a joy to read about. This girl has the sass, the guts and the soul to bring Gavin to his knees. She gives as good as she gets. The dick flick scene will be one of my most favorite scenes in a rom-com. Nell is also extremely protective and loyal and I loved how she stood up for them to Gavin when he was being an ass.

Gavin was an unexpected hero. He does have his charms but that’s superficial and the beginning the arrogance and him being a bastard outweigh that. So I was curious how these two authors would bring me around to love him. And they did! In the end I loved the hell out of these two. Gavin is also one of the best dirty talkers I’ve read so far. Panty-soaking.

The story itself has a great flow, you can’t put it down because want to read more about the shenanigans of these people. The side characters are amazing and the story hints already at two more books in the future. The characterization of the main cast is well-fleshed out, they never act out of character. The dialogues are hilarious and I mean “ROFL”-hilarious. My downstairs neighbor told me she heard me laugh, so that’s something ;). The steam factor is high and the time spent between the sheets with Gavin and Penelope is off the charts hot. No, really, OFF THE CHARTS.

This was a satisfying read with a lot of sass, humor and great characters. If you love low angst, panty-melting smexy times and snarky dialogues this book will make you happy.

ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review – thank you!

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