Archangel’s Shadows – Guildhunter #7
Nalini Singh

Nalini gives us the story of Ashwini and Janvier in this installment. It has the trademark formula of a mystery and love set in her Guildhunter world.

Ashwini is Janvier’s one and only. Ever since the hunter chased him across the bayous of his homelands he has fallen for her. Nothing like a crossbow at your throat to make you go gaga over a girl, right? Janvier is the cheeky, charming and hot Cajun vampire who Ash can barely resist. If it wasn’t for her secret this tough-as-nails lady would be all over his sexy southern ass.

This time the plot had even more mystery elements than Ms. Singh’s prior books, I found. When emaciated, sucked dry corpses start popping up and a dangerous vampire drug makes its appearance Ash and Janvier are asked to combine their forces and find the people behind this. Having partnered before they are in sync with everything they do.

Ash has everything I look for in a heroine. Kindness, toughness, passion, humor. I don’t get why she held on to her secret for that long, I didn’t think it was something that she couldn’t divulge so that felt a little bit dragged out.

Janvier, oh Janvier. What a hero. So freaking adorable, hot and cheeky. The little things he does for his hunter are swoonworthy. He is fiercely loyal and wears his heart on his tongue. Out of all the heroes in the Guildhunter world he is the most accessible. The most lovable.

Nalini Singh paints a vidid picture of the world and with her detailed description you can see the places she takes us. Her words are lyrical and the interactions of her characters, side or main, are soulful, their connections tangible. She ties up all necessary ends and leaves the important story arc open so that we can look forward to the next book. As always we get to see a bit of Bluebell and Aodhan, lots of Raphael and Ellie, some Honor and Dmitri.

Nasiir has a lot of screen time which has me absolutely thrilled about the next book. His journey to bliss will be interesting as he is still a mystery to me. Keir got some attention, too and I wonder if we get an MM story for him. Oh I don’t even know if we get his story, dammit, but I just assume we will 😉

Alltogether I was again sucked into the Guildhunter world and loved every minute – totally satisfying read.

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