3.75 Stars

3.75 Stars

The Donovan Dynasty #1
by Sierra Cartwright

I’m quite picky with BDSM books as some authors of the genre usually push my boundaries too much when there isn’t a healthy balance between enough story, humor and romance. And this is what we have here.

Lara Bertrand is a business woman, heiress to her father’s empire. Unfortunately said empire is in dire straights: her father’s way of leading a company is archaic, he struggles adapting to modern times. Lara’s solution? A proposal of marriage to her best friend’s brother, who has a vested interest in parts of her company.

Connor is fascinated by Lara, this sensual beautiful woman. He wants to dominate her, claim her. His condition is her absolute submission. Lara likes kink but real BDSM? Her attraction to this powerful, controlled and complicated man is fierce. He is a cunning negotiator so she gives in…but can she separate her mind from her heart and go through with this business agreement?

This was a hot little story with low angst and a lot of smexy times. Connor is a dirty talker and most of the times it is really girly parts tingle-inducing. Except…labia? This man doesn’t shy away from words like cunt, pussy but he can’t say pussy lips? That struck me a bit as out of character. He is controlled, loves to be in charge and has the charm and politeness of the south. Connor’s respect for Lara is apparent in everything he does but he thinks love is messy and the wall he has built around his heart is tangible up until the 80% mark. Only then his personality starts to shine and sparkle.

Lara is a courageous heroine with a backbone. While reading this story I thought that I would be a bad sub. The things she gives in to without me thinking she is a doormat. Connor doesn’t want to subdue her spirit and personality, which I’m thankful for because it enables me to keep my respect for both the heroine and hero.

The story had a nice flow and kept me interested and entertained throughout Lara’s and Connor’s journey. I’ll definitely read more by this author.

ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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