Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

I love Taryn Elliott’s and Cari Quinn’s writing style. It’s lighthearted, sexy and entertaining. What we have here is a sexed up version of the 90s movie Bodyguard. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Quinn loves order. When his best friend Noah talks him into security detail for a member of his brother’s band Quinn is close to refusing. Bands are trouble. Famous bands even more so. Too bad he can’t say no as he owes Noah big time. When he finally meets Keys/Faith he KNOWS that she will upset is life.

Keys is chaos. She loves everything Quinn doesn’t. At her band’s front man Hunter’s wedding to Kennedy she is being drugged and almost kidnapped by a stalker. Hunter’s brother Noah is a badass extraordinaire and would love to take the bodyguard job for Keys – he has a soft spot for her after all. Alas, he has already committed to another position so the next best guy is his best friend Quinn.

Quinn gives Keys a set of rules and soon he learns that his charge doesn’t care much for them.

There are twenty-four rules on his list. I have to schedule a shit, for God’s sake.

As time passes without another incident their attraction grows and Quinn fights it with everything he has. He knows he has to keep his distance and objectivity, otherwise he won’t be any good in case the stalker strikes again.

“So you can’t come in here, because I need those boundaries to keep you safe”

Once he gives in though, he goes all in and hell, that’s beautiful and hot. Together they burn up the sheets!

I fell in love with Keys and Quinn right from the beginning. Keys is a lighthearted, beautiful firecracker with an easy smile. Quinn a serious guy who shines once he gets his snark on and loosens up a bit. I can’t blame him for being a bit reserved though, he does have a serious job and a fuck-up in his line of work usually equals dead people. Keys upsets everything he believes in.

The story itself is a slower and sweeter burn than its predecessor Manaconda. It’s still a fast-paced story with great banter and lovable side characters. The words flow effortlessly. One scene that has stuck with me in particular is when we see  Hunter’s wedding through Keys’ eyes. The description is lyrical and sweet and the way our heroine is moved by the emotions is gorgeous.

If you love low-angst yet captivating stories with snarky characters I can highly recommend these two authors. They never fail to light up my day. The next in the series will be Owen and he has made me really curious about him. I think I will love him just as much!

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