4 Sexy Stars

This is a re-release which has been slightly edited since the original release. Before this I’d never read a book by this author although I’d had her on my TBR forever. I’ll definitely read more of her works.

This story is a classic story of natural born enemies becoming lovers. Typical Romeo and Juliet style. Although this was a very short story there was a lot of information to get a feel for the world our two main characters were living in.

Kieran is a vampire and one night of hot sex with Melina tilted his world on its axis. Why can’t he get the wolf shifter out of his mind when they are supposed to hate each other? And Melina feels pretty much the same way. Kieran is a protective and possessive alpha male with a sweet side to him and Melina is the female version of him. She goes against her families wish to see Kieran and he in return does everything to justify her faith in him.

Enemy Mine was a quick sexy read with adorable characters. I really hope that Katie Reus expands this universe and gives us more stories set in it. 

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