Temptation #3


Ella Frank

✬✬✬ 5 Farewell Stars ✬✬✬

“I’ll never see you that way again. Because before this, I didn’t know you were essential for me to feel alive”

I’m nursing the mother of all book hangovers. This is the first time in a long time that I just wanted to start a re-read of a series right away after finishing it. Tate and Logan have my heart still in a tight grip and won’t let go all that soon. I jokingly said to a friend that it feels a bit like falling in love with somebody and then having to break up with them despite your feelings. 
In the conclusion to the series we get a kick to the sternum with a brutal force that, honestly, left me shedding tears and with a bruised heart. Holy sh*t. I won’t be elaborating on the plot as it would be a major spoiler. 
We also get to see Finley who has his own story and I’m absolutely excited that I’ll be reading this very soon. Can’t say I was a big fan of him in Logan’s and Tate’s story but that’s exactly the reason why I need to know what happened to him. 
There is a lot of sexy times again. Before I started reading MM I was wondering how I would feel about reading about two men getting at it. I was scared that while I am a big fan of the gay pride movement it would be a bit TMI for my taste. I am still incredibly surprised how much I enjoy the erotic scenes between two guys. And these two…their desire is intense and burning brightly and well…hell…panties = soaked. 
Finally…how are Tate and Logan settling into their relationship? With Logan only Tate gets to see his fragile side. The one that has the ability to shatter in an instant when it comes to the love of his life. The feelings he transports through the pages are as beautiful and pure as his mind is dirty.

“See the corner of the mattress over there? Feel free to bite it when I’m fucking you so hard your throat is hoarse from shouting.”

Tate on the other hand knows how to push Logan’s buttons and he does that a lot. Tate is such a reliable, steady, loyal guy. I think if these two were real I’d totally assimilate them forcibly into my life as friends.
They get along very well and there are only minor insecurities when it comes to their relationship. Logan and Tate have come a long way and are now building a life together. I would love to read more about them and maybe Ella Frank will give us little glimpses into their life.

“I love you,” he said, and as Logan looked at him, he reached for his hands. “I had no idea when you first sat down across from me that night—no idea what I’d been missing,” Tate whispered. “It was you.

I will definitely re-read this series but for now I have to let them go. Gonna miss the boys.

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