Time for my review of TRY by Ella Frank!
Freaking 5 HAWT stars

I am so grateful to my friends who convinced me to dive into the MM genre (you know who you are). If they hadn’t I would have missed out on a lot of beautiful and in this case HOT stories.

May I introduce you to Logan and Tate:

Logan is a hot shot lawyer with the face of a fallen angel. Relationships are for other people, he much rather enjoys what life has to offer and leaves before things get serious. He is irresistable, has a mouth that spouts inappropriate things at any given time. His tongue is silver, his mouth a weapon he uses at his leisure. Logan doesn’t discriminate, he takes men or women depending on mood and gusto and when his eyes fall on Tate he knows he must have him.

Tate is the new bartender at the bar Logan usually visits after work. His divorce from his bitch of a wife is in process and he can’t wait to be free of the shackles. When Logan starts flirting with him he fights the attraction because, well, hello…straight? But Logan takes. He is one pushy mofo who doesn’t give up until he owns what he wants.

“What do I need to get you into my bed?” Logan asked boldly.
Tate couldn’t help the laugh escaping his mouth at Logan’s directness. “A vagina?” He raised a brow at the man.
Releasing his arm, Logan took a step back and removed his cell phone from his pocket. He dialed a number and placed the phone to his ear.
“Hi hon.” He then met Tate’s eyes and smirked as he mouthed, A vagina I can get.”

He whittles away at Tate’s resolve to resist Logan. Tate in return has a hard time dealing with his conflicting feelings. One night he decides to explore them and ends up in Logan’s bed.

“You have a bad temper, Mr. Morrison.”
“Get the hell off me,” Tate snarled through his teeth.
“I’m not on you.”
“Yes, you fucking are.”
“I’m against you. There’s a mighty big difference. Take last night, for example, when you were lying on my bed, naked, with your legs spread and me in between them—that was me on you.”

As days and weeks go by Logan and Tate keep seeing each other. Logan realizes that with his new obsession he has gotten more than he bargained for when Tate gets comfortable with the fact that he actually likes and is attracted to a “him”.

This book is so full of sex. And I mean that in the best possible way. When it gets too much I start to skim. I didn’t skim a single time, I just went to change my panties. Holy crap. How freaking hot can boy-on-boy be? Their interaction was off the charts scorching.

Tate was a wonderfully likable character who stood his ground when Logan became too pushy. He gave back as good as he got. Logan…don’t you wish you had somebody like that in your life? Not for a relationship but as a friend? He has no filter and calls it as he sees it, and that in such an inappropriate fashion that you can only laugh and shake your head. However Tate surprises him at every turn and at some point he realizes that Tate might be his future.

When Logan makes himself vulnerable he is a revelation. Pure, unadulterated beauty. The unspoken feelings between them are tangible at any time and there is nothing else you can do than root for them. I was left breathless with emotions that lurked between the steamy smexy times. And those smexy times…OMG…I’ll leave you with:

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