5 Skittles Stars

“Love is friendship set in fire.”

I’m addicted to these two. I suck in every morsel I can get so I read reviews and noticed that many didn’t like US as much as HIM. As you can see from my rating I absolutely adored it.

Eight months after HIM Wes and Jamie are living together. They are happy but there are also clouds darkening their relationship. Both of our boys are sick of hiding and often close to just blurting out that they love a man. Keeping their love under wraps becomes increasingly harder.

Yes, there was more drama and the lighthearted relationship and friendship they had in the first book was gone for a while. Jamie’s struggle was heartbreaking and for a while I was wondering how he would come back from that. Wes. OMG I fell even harder for him. What an amazing personality. He tried so hard to help Jamie and being away so much didn’t help. My heart ached for him.

And then there was Blake. I know many thought he was annoying and God, yes, he was. At the same time you only could love him though. He rooted for our boys the moment he found out about them. There was a hilarious scene when a guy hit on Wes and he went all grizzly on him.

There were also, again, funny situations and dialogues Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy have become known for and I found myself laughing hard many times.

I absolutely can’t wait for the next installment and I’m wondering if Blake and Jamie’s sister will get their own story. Pretty please? 😉

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