4 Fluffy Stars

Hunter is lucky. Hunter has a big dick. Hunter doesn’t feel lucky at the moment though because he is being chased by press, media and fans. He is the frontman of a shooting star band and alot of that shooting has to do with Hunter’s pee-pee. Because, you see, he and his appendage grace the cover of the Rolling Stone. Not naked mind you. But ever since he is being reduced to…this.

Kennedy is the band’s PR lady and responsible for them to make a good impression when they launch their new album and use the wave the band is riding on the Manaconda snake…err…train. She is a worker, focused and serious in her job, still, she’s a little firecracker. She doesn’t take her responsibility lightly so how come she finds herself immensely attracted to this rock star? And it sure as hell is not little Hunter.

A couple of days ago I lamented the insta-love/-lust of another book and how it just didn’t work for me. This was insta-lust as well and for some reason it worked without even trying. It was sweet, funny, fluffy and delicious. And oh my word…those sex scenes were hot. It was an easy fast read with low angst. I had one WTF moment which happened incidentally at the same time when Hunter had a quick TSTL moment. So yeah…I can live with that! Both main characters were adorable and beyond likable.

If you need to get out of a book hangover this is the perfect story. I will definitely read the stories of the band members of Hammered…and I’m so freaking curious to know what’s going on with Bats and Hunter’s ex-Bitch.

ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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