4 solid stars

Dante and Griff have been best friends forever. They have had each other’s back and go through thick and thin. What Dante doesn’t know: Griff has also been in love with  him for a long time so he struggles with all the insecurities and painful moments that come with unrequited love.
One day, Dante is in a tight spot and asks Griff for help. He needs money, a lot of it, otherwise the bank will take the house he loves so much.  Dante’s idea? To act in videos for a gay porn website. Griff is a great friend so after a little bit of hesitation he agrees, not without a couple selfish thoughts.

I loved the journey of these two from friends to lovers. Dante was such a beautiful character, both funny and wild yet thoughtful and considerate when it came to his best friend. And Griff, what a perfect human being. I felt his pain and love for Dante at all times. The way these two were together was nothing short of amazing.

“Dante climbed back on top of him, sitting on Griff’s round butt to knead his shoulders. “I just wanna try. It’ll be fine. No big deal. Maybe a massage first? Two dudes. That’d be okay right?”
What was he asking?
“And then, I want you” -Dante leaned forward, pressing his chest against Griff’s muscular back, lips against his ear -“to fucking turn yourself loose on me.”

The problems of gay people having to deal with their environment and the repercussions of them coming out is a recurring theme and it always makes me cringe to know that there are still people out there who think that gay-hate is OK. It is not and in my book never will be. We live in a time in which everyone should have realized now that it’s as normal as being hetero.


“Because people should not be punished for loving and hoping and holding their hearts open.” 

I had two niggles: one – this story would have profited profoundly from a dual point of view. I felt it lacked depth and could have been a five star read if I had heard Dante’s voice as well.
Two – the author used repeating words three times as a means of style a couple of times where I thought it didn’t work. Generally spoken, he used it too often.

The voice of a male author feels rougher than a female voice in the MM genre. He cuts to the chase of the matter which was refreshing and new.

I fell in love with these two friends and I’m looking forward to reading more of this author.

“Nah. Everyone knows I was born defective. They didn’t install you until later.” – Dante

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