5 Swoonworthy Stars

Short and sweet!

This. Holy moly. If you have read Louder than Love (and if you haven’t you better get on it) then you should definitely read this. It makes your heart full and evokes the whole range of emotions. Adrian is a man you can only hope to have in your life. He is wise in so many regards yet so vulnerable when it comes to Kat. And Kat, so strong. And their love for each other! Swoon-worthy.

“Adrian Graves, did you go and write me a heavy metal love song?”
“Well now, maybe I did.”
“I thought if love was going to appear in your music, it had to be doomed, damned, or deadly.”
“I’ve learned since that love runs much deeper than that. Deeper than dreams. And if I’ve made even one of your dreams come true tonight, then I am a better man for it.”

This is the epilogue you don’t find in Louder Than Love, and then some. I hope we get to see lots more of this couple.

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