4 Bramalicious Stars

I will make this short and sweet. 

I loved Bram, he was so much fun to read. We met him shortly in the previous installment, he is Linden’s big brother. And he has done it all: drugs, booze, women. Beneath the witty banter there is a vulnerable soul. Who would have guessed.

Nicola was a bit of a challenge – I understand the place where she comes from though. Being a single mom wasn’t exactly easy for her so she had to make sure her little girl comes first. She is sometimes just as vulnerable but would never give it away and show it to Bram. Until he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Of course when you read a Karina Halle story you know that there will be drama and I wasn’t disappointed. I was just surprised that the secrets Bram held were only hinted at around 75% into the book, so it was a bit of a shock. The resolution of it came again in Karina Halle style – sweet and satisfying

One thing…the inaccuracy when a person goes into diabetic shock bugged me a bit. You NEVER inject insuline. You try to get sugar into them.

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