4 Wicked Horse Stars

As always Sawyer Bennett provides a not too angsty but hot read.

Meet Cain, who works at the bar The Wicked Horse and its sex club The Silo as chief of security. He scarred from his past but not too damaged to make this a dark read. He also has a loving family. He does, however, hold a mean grudge. And he is a fantasy maker at the sex club.

Sloane is a beautiful, sweet heroine with a heart of gold. She’s the daughter of a politician who left his wife for a younger model, taking tax money to be a beach bum. Sloane works as a journalist for a magazine in DC, her boss sends her to Wyoming to uncover whether Callie’s dad (we met her in the first book), a politician, is involved in the sex club The Silo run by Bridger (who we also were introduced to in the previous installment).

When these two completely different people meet we know that Cain doesn’t do repeats. He’s a wham-bam-thank you-ma’am kind of guy but when he runs into Sloane in the bar he is intrigued by her innocence and curiosity to try new things between the sheets.

The flow of the story was lovely, the sex way hot, the way Cain treated Sloane most of the time was sweet. Altogether I loved the explosive chemistry of those two. My only problem is with the ending of the story. It felt rushed. I thought that Cain held onto his grudge too long. I wanted to kick him in his shins, pull his hair and tell him to get a grip. When he actually came around he didn’t have to grovel for long. Yes, Sloane has a heart of gold but in the end she just welcomed him back into her life without so much as a short flare of temper. We also get to see more of Bridger who, I’m pretty sure, will break my heart with his story.

Again, another Sawyer Bennett winner for me, she really knows how to drag you out of a book hangover!

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