5 Just-Wing-It Stars

Thank God I had the second part of this story already waiting! This is going to be short:

Half a year has passed and Lily has been nursing a grudge towards Marc. While being apart she trained with Marc’s friend Kingsley and has become a force to be reckoned with. When she meets Marc again there is some major ass-kicking and it takes a while for Lily to get over the resentment and hurt. But knowing Marc we know that he’ll charm himself back into her panties.

There are some incredibly sweet scenes when Marc drops his roughness and says how he really feels about his girl. There are also heartwarming scenes with Lily and Kingsley and I love how much he cares about her. I have already said that I can’t wait for his story – that way lies some heartbreak, I’m sure. And who the hell is Mai?

Again, this was a story that had me tensed up and squeal in delight, the snark all these characters show is hilarious and I am really satisfied with the end.

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