4.5 rocky road stars

Hop on the emotional roller coaster!
Our heroine is Chloe – a mid-twenty girl from rich parents who owns a flower shop. When we meet her she is still with her boyfriend Eric (let me say right away – there is no cheating). She’s sweet, straight forward, loyal and a good girl all around.
A.J. is so fantastically multi-layered, it’s hard to describe him without spoiling too much. He is an enigma and on this journey we peel back layer by layer of his personality. He is distant, bad-mouthed and rude. His brain is capable of something called chromesthesia – seeing sound in colors. Comes in handy since he’s the drummer in a rock band called Bad Habit (love that name btw.). 
Chloe’s best friend Kat from the previous book “Sweet As Sin” is getting married and Chloe has been trusted with providing the flower arrangements. When Chloe and A.J. meet (again – they have met in the previous installment first) they clash. A.J. is aloof and whenever he looks at Chloe to her it feels like he is tasting something really nasty in his mouth. Of course the obvious dislike doesn’t last long and soon they find themselves in a dance of pushing and pulling. While Chloe is quite upfront with what she wants, A.J. keeps pulling away. (highlight for spoiler) I love how A.J. leaves origami figures on Chloe’s car’s windshield – because he just can’t stay away from her.
Chloe knows there are secrets he hides. He tries to stay away from her but her pull is too strong – until one day, when Chloe is hurt and his protective instinct kicks in full force. Once we see his real self  he shines so bright that you’re blinded by the brilliance.
The way J.T. Geissinger describes how A.J. sees colors when listening to music is almost like poetry, it’s that beautiful.
We do get a happy end but until then there is a lot of drama and angst involved. And heartbreak – oh that hurt so good.

The heroine, while mostly acting mature has a moment of insanity when she screams at A.J. and demands out of pure jealousy that he never see a certain person again despite him just telling her that this person has been his only friend. The drama and angst are always strong in this story and rarely tip towards OTT.
As I’ve said in my review for Wicked Beautiful, J.T. Geissinger is an extremely talented writer, I love how she strings her sentences together, the wit, the charm, the heartbreak. There is a hint in the epilogue who we will get to see next and what this story will be about. There is a hint in the epilogue who we will get to see next and what this story will be about and I can’t wait to see what J.T. Geissinger as in store for these two. 
***ARC via netgalley in an exchange for an honest review***

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