4 Kinky Stars

Woolf is a sexy, sensual cowboy. He’s rich. He manages the family enterprise. However, he isn’t completely happy. What would make him happy? Why, a sex club. You see, Woolf loves kink and he wants to provide sensual experiences for patrons without them having to deal with prejudice for their different taste in sex.

Want to have a romantic seduction by a stranger? I’ll make it happen.

Want to get fucked by three well-hung cowboys? I’ll make that happen too.

Want to do it all while being watched? Easy as fucking pie.

Callie. She is sweet, sexy, innocent in some ways, smart and all around lovely. She has been carrying a torch for Woolf what seems like forever. Alas, when she wanted to give him his virginity all those years ago he refused and walked away. Callie moves back to her hometown after discovering her cheating fiance. She wants the old Callie gone and wants to create Callie 2.0. Stronger. More daring. More everything.

When they both meet in Woolf’s club after a couple of years of chance run-ins, where they said hi in passing, their chemistry explodes. Woolf doesn’t want to get involved, loving his kink too much. Also, he thinks that Callie shouldn’t be touched by the depravity he craves. Callie on the other hand grows a wild hair and wants a taste of the naughty.

 That’s my sweet girl. Even with my fingers in you and another man’s cock on your tongue, you’re still the sweetest girl I’ll ever know.”

I loved pretty much everything about this book. Woolf’s best friend Bridger, who is an enigma and I’m sure his story will provide us with some heartbreak. Woolf, who I watched falling in love with Callie with each page. Callie, who was a beautiful heroine – she loved Woolf but she wasn’t a doormat. The fantasy Woolf and Bridger gave her. The sex was scorching. If you want a low angst book this is exactly what you’re looking for. Sawyer Bennett starts to become a favorite of mine.

I am usually not a menage reader, and this isn’t one either really, but Callie’s fantasy was written with extreme care for the three characters and I loved every word of it

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