5 Brilliant Snowy Christmassy Scottish Stars

5 Brilliant Snowy Christmassy Scottish Stars

I want to kiss Karina Halle on her mouth for letting us revisit with Kayla and Lachlan. This read has made my Christmas holidays all the sweeter.

We met those two first in The Play. If you haven’t read this one stop reading my review and go and do it. NOW.

After the events of “The Play” Kayla and Lachlan are both dealing with their respective problems. Lachlan’s darkness is still creeping up on him but with the help of Kayla he has become very good at pushing it back and letting the light back in. After her transition to Edinburgh Kayla is trying to get a job with a newspaper. Additionally, she misses her mother and the rest of her family – it’s Christmas after all. Broken down to the essential – they want to belong.

“Sibhe mo clann.”

“It’s beautiful,” I tell him breathlessly. “What does it say?”

“It says you are my clan” 

Those two are perfection. Lachlan is such a gentle beast, with a huge heart and dirty mouth. Can’t say often enough how much I love him.

“And when he whispers into my ear “I’ve got you”, I believe him. He has me – now and forever. He won’t ever let go. He won’t ever let me fall”

Kayla’s version of a Christmas tree is so hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. If you come across this scene and you don’t laugh you should stop reading this book altogether…it shows the quality of their relationship. How deeply they care for each other, how explosive their chemistry is and that they can laugh in the face of darkness. How comfortable they are with each other.

Both of them get what they want for Christmas.

“It’s a strange feeling, to actually feel part of a family, something deep and organic. I know I’ve felt it over the years but when you’re an orphan, that longing, that search to belong, it never really leaves you. But at least now, after last night, it’s abated. There is peace. There is relief. And when it’s all over, I think I’ll just be a wee bit sad”

Finally a quote I loved because it shows how successful Kayla is chasing Lachlan’s darkness away:

“The shadows are gone.

I am here.

I am there.

I am hers.


When we’ve both caught our breaths we curl up into each other and pull the covers over us, tucking us in tight. Christmas may be over. But we have just begun.

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