THIS BOOK. I don’t know what to do with myself. I just finished this one and this has been the fastest I read through a book in months. If I could give it a million stars it wouldn’t be enough. Granted it was my most anticipated and it didn’t disappoint. People, if you have never read a Darynda Jones book, your loss. There is an easy fix though.  A GOOD DAY FOR CHARDONNAY is the second installment in this author’s Sunshine Vicram series. So you can still read the first book before this one releases.

Now to the good stuff. What you need is tissues. Many, many tissues. For the parts you when you’re laughing so hard that tears are running down your face and for the parts when you have tears in your eyes because you’re overwhelmed with emotions. Yes, that happens too.

Apart from the awesome, fabulous, amazing, wonderful, unbelievable, quirky cast there is an equally awesome, suspenseful storyline that was such a page turner that it was hard for me to tear myself away. I ADORED Sunshine and Levi in this book, just as much as Sun’s clever, clever daughter Auri.

“You have no idea what your mother put us through. You couldn’t disappoint us any worse than she did that time she threw a party while we were out of town and invited an entire biker gang called the El Choppos, who used my bras to shoot water balloons at the neighbor’s house.”

And Cruz, Auri’s boyfriend, is someone you want for your own daughter, believe me. He is THE BEST. This kid hit me in the feels right where it hurts best. The whole. Forking. Time. Enigmatic and charismatic Levi shows that he is more than the grumpy hot guy and when he shines it’s spectacular.

“You’ve bewitched me.”
He kissed the corner of her mouth.
“You bewitched me the first time I saw you and no one else has ever measured up.”

There is also this wonderful friendship between Sunshine and her BFF and Chief Deputy Quincy. These two walk through fire for one another and their conversations were some of the most humorous. And how I loved the our heroine, Sheriff Sunshine Vicram, whose integrity is absolute, who always questions herself. If you don’t love her, we can’t be friends anymore. #SorryNotSorry

“Do you think, and I know this is asking a lot, but do you think you could possibly keep your granddaughter from getting into any more trouble for the rest of the night?”
Her father shook his head.
“I can’t make any promises, Sheriff. Look who her mother is.”

There is a slew of characters but I never felt that I got lost. The author does an amazing job to make you remember every single personality in this small town in New Mexico.

If you’re like me and had thousands of questions after A BAD DAY FOR SUNSHINE you’ll get answers but prepare to have even more questions when you’re done. That’s just how this series works and I don’t care. Give me twenty books in this series and all with cliffies and I’ll die a happy woman.

Darynda Jones is an exceptional storyteller who has one of the best writing voices I’ve read in recent years. Her sense of humor, that hilarious sarcasm and the many “oh snap” moments, are what makes this story so fast paced and captivating and outstanding, I giggled, laugh-snorted, and downright laughed hysterically throughout most of the book. She also cranks up the heat between Sunshine and Levi. Phew!

Fans of her Charley Davidson series will delight in the easter eggs – have fun finding them! What I said about the cliffies is true but I really hope that we don’t have to wait as long for the next book because, boy, this series is my new addiction and I need my fix in a timely manner. For now I predict that this will be my top favorite of 2021.

She loved everything about this man. Not just his physical appearance. It was him. Levi. The noble being she’d been in love with since she was a kid.

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