Also in this series: Slapshot, Boyfriend
Series: Moo U Hockey #3
Published by Heart Eyes Press on February 20, 2021
Genres: New Adult, sports romance
Tropes: Forbidden Romance, Gender Mix-up
Format: ALC - audiobook
Source: Heart Eyes Press
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Narrator: Jason Clarke, Savannah Peachwood
Length: 7 hrs and 33 mins
Cliffhanger: No


Jonah Daniels has enough work preparing for his hockey season without spending time interviewing a roommate to help share expenses. So when some dude answers J.D.’s ad and agrees to his terms, he puts a key under the mat and leaves for practice.

What he doesn’t expect is that his new roommate is not a dude at all, but an overtalkative, energetic hottie. What’s worse? She’s the younger sister of his friend on the team, and she’s sworn him to secrecy.

Ryann Reiner needs a place to live, stat. After an incident at the dorms that almost tanked her scholarship, Ryann wants a boring roommate who’ll leave her alone. J.D. almost fits the bill. He lives and breathes hockey, just like her brother, and he wouldn’t know a joke unless it hip checked him against the boards.

He’s also gorgeous. And broody. And he looks fine on laundry day, in too little clothing. Soon, late-night study sessions turn into dangerous flirting. And then a kiss turns into more. But they’re determined to keep things in the feelings-free zone.

Until lines blur and tensions rise when Ryann’s brother learns the truth. And both their hearts are skating on thin ice...


Jonah wants to rent out a room in his off-campus apartment. Being on the hockey team and on a scholarship he can’t afford distractions so he has a set of rules that are obligatory for his future room mate. Enter Ryann. Who, of course, is a girl, with an N too many and a missing appendage that would make her an eligible roommate. Jonah doesn’t realize this little mix-up until it’s too late. Ryann being the sister of the Moo U hockey team’s captain makes things even more complicated.

This forbidden romance was such a hoot. I adored Jonah who is so focused and appeared to be such a grouch in the beginning but meeting Ryann with her sunny, optimistic disposition turned him into a real dreamboat. He was understanding, patient and listened to her dreams and fears. And Ryann brought the best out of him. The were yin and yang and absolutely adorable. These two had insane chemistry and while their friendship was the basis of their relationship their attraction was the spice.


Jason Clarke is one of the best male narrators out there so there is zero hesitation when I see a book narrated by him. His voice is one of those that can read the most boring text and still make it sound sexy. Savannah Peachwood is a fan favorite, just not mine. I can’t pin it down but she doesn’t always sound as natural as other narrators. That said, she does a decent job narrating Ryann.


This is my first book by Jaqueline Snowe and I’ll be reading more by her. Her words are crisp and fit the genre.
The True North world has become one of my favorite places to be. Sarina Bowen has created a solid and fleshed out basis for other authors to set their stories in. Jaqueline Snowe’s HOLDOUT was an awesome addition. I hope there’ll be a story about Ryann’s big brother, he needs to fall. Hard.


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