Silent Music

Aisling Magic

Contemporary Romance/ New Adult

September 30th, 2019

Brought together by passion;
Separated by destiny.
Shes his muse.
His love.
His inspiration.
And he refuses to let her go.
For nearly two years, Kai Eastwood has watched Phoenix Banks lost in a
state of coma.
Singing the songs they wrote.
Remembering the moments they spent together.
Missing the kisses they shared.
Holding hope.
But how long can hope be held when, with each new day, Phoenix slips
farther away?
Maybe this time
When the music fades,
And the silence invades,

Their song will begin.

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Aisling Magic is a twenty-something author who can either be found writing about people falling in love or has her nose buried in a book well past her bedtime. She enjoys chocolate, cello music, rainy nights, long drives, traveling the world, and Chris Hemsworth.
About her books:
She writes romance stories with a hint of humor. Her heroines may not always be sexy, but are strong, her heroes may not always be the alpha but are dedicated and the families in her stories may not always be related by blood but are all bonded by heart. Aisling likes to pretend she’s the most badass character in her novels but in the real world, she doesn’t even go to the toilet at night without lighting up the house.

She also loves to hear from readers … You may follow her on

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