REVIEW: LORRAINE HEATH – THE DUCHESS IN HIS BEDThe Duchess in His Bed by Lorraine Heath
Also by this author: Beyond Scandal And Desire, When a Duke Loves a Woman
Published by Avon on August 20th 2019
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Avon, Edelweiss
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Cliffhanger: No


As owner of the Elysium Club which caters to women's fantasies, Aiden Trewlove is accustomed to introducing adventurous ladies to sin and vice. But he is uncharacteristically intrigued by the mysterious beauty who visits his club one night, yearning to indulge in the forbidden—with him. Drawn to her indomitable spirit, he breaks his rule of never becoming personally involved with his clientele and is determined to fully awaken her desires.

A recent widow, Selena Sheffield, Duchess of Lushing, has never known passion, not until Aiden's slow, sensual seduction leads her on a journey of discovery and incredible pleasure. But her reasons for visiting the notorious club are not all that they seem.

As Selena's motives become complicated by love, she finds herself with a most unexpected choice: forge ahead with a secret plan that could secure her future—or follow her heart which could prove ruinous.


by Lorraine Heath

Lorraine Heath is certainly one of the authors who writes with romantic and poetic flourish. She just has this way that will make you swoon just for the prose alone. I was looking forward to THE DUCHESS IN HIS BED because I’ve had a soft spot for Aiden since Finn’s book THE SCOUNDREL IN HER BED.

Did this installment live up to expectations? In one way it did – I fell even deeper in love with Aiden Trewlove who had such an inate goodness, a sweet decency that just pulled at my heartstrings. At the same time he was sexy and very physical which provided some really hot scenes throughout this story. I loved his protective sense and the love he had for his family was heart-warming.

He slammed his eyes closed as those five words—fall in love with you—words no other woman had ever bestowed on him washed over him, through him, around him. How powerful they were. How humbling. How breathtaking.

The story fell a little short for me because of Selena, who I didn’t care about for two thirds of the book, which was rooted in her selfish behavior. And that was, put mildly, problematic at best. Look, I know this is Historical Romance but consent goes both ways and this is where Selena really threw me off. If this were the other way around and the heroine said “No, get off me” and the hero didn’t follow through we would call it rape (regardless that he’d stop after a bit). So in a way that’s actually what Selena did with Aiden.

Selena was so set on getting pregnant to keep her family in good standing with the ton that she selfishly ignored Aiden’s wishes.
I also didn’t feel that she was selfless towards her family – keeping her position in the ton as the widow of a duke didn’t only benefit her sisters but her as well and for more than half of the book that was all she really cared about. She never really understood the depth of the consequences for Aiden if he gave in to what she was asking of him or what it would cost him.

She wanted none of this for herself. She needed it in order to ensure those she loved had the best that life had to offer. He was not one of the people she loved or she wouldn’t ask of him what she had.

She also came across a little cool and distant, but there was a point at which I saw her change. Selena became softer, more aware of Aiden’s needs and dreams and finally, FINALLY I fell in love with her too.

The little twist with Aiden’s mother in the end absolutely made my day – this is how you punish your jerk of a husband who is everything that is evil int his world.

The plot was absolutely fine, it was the execution that didn’t completely work and if it hadn’t been for the above mentioned consent issue I had this would have been my favorite in this series. However, let’s be real, this is Lorraine Heath and she managed to turn around the whole thing in the last quarter of the story. Next up is Fancy and I’m salivating for Beast’s story! Can’t wait!

He’d always feared he’d be like his sire. But unlike the earl, for Aiden, only one woman would ever hold his heart, and he was the luckiest of men because he held hers as well.


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