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on June 25th 2019
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My world stopped turning six years ago.
My best friend. My best girl.
A burning field in the pouring rain.
I survived, but I left the biggest part of me with them.
And now I sift through the rubble of my broken life.

I didn’t want a second chance.
Redemption. Closure.
Not for me.

Until Gelsey.
A dancer. A dreamer. Everything I’m not.
She’s the light to my dark.
The sun from another sky.

But sunny days never last.
The storm is coming.
And this time when darkness falls, I might surrender


by Jayne Frost

Jayne Frost’s name should be known wide and far. Her extraordinary talent for writing deeply emotional stories, that stay with you for a long time, always gets me like a visceral sucker punch and every time I experience one of her stories I fall in love with the characters. Miles and Gelsey are no different.

Lightning on my skin
Thunder in my soul
Heavy on my heart
You were my perfect storm

And she was mine.

If you know this author and thought DOWN TO YOU was her best book, prepare for ANOTHER SKY. I’m not saying it’s better, it isn’t. But that’s because Logan and Tori hold a special place in my heart and it’s hard to live up to them. But you know what? Gelsey and Miles did. I adored Gelsey’s pure heart and innocence. The way she looked at the world, wide-eyed, open although she wasn’t a stranger to disappointment and setbacks.

Miles couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life. After the tour bus accident we learned about in the Sixth Street Bands series, when he lost his love Paige and best friend Rhenn, Miles stopped living and fell into an uneasy existence. He battles demons that go beyond this accident, and my heart ached for both of them when things tumbled out of control. I loved that he ultimately realized that giving up isn’t an option if he wanted to live a full life with Gelsey at his side.

“You are my mirror. And through your eyes, I see the me I wish I was.”

If you missed Taryn from LOST FOR YOU you get the chance to catch up with her a little. I adored Miles and Taryn’s friendship, how much love there was between them. We get some hilarious scenes with Daryl, a bodyguard forced on Miles by Tori – their snarky exchanges were my favorite thing and I kind of think that this is a bromance in the making. And then there is Ivan, Gelsey’s mentor, who is the only father figure she ever really had in her life. He seems so stern, hard and unrelenting but he has a buttery-soft spot for Gelsey. I loved him almost as much as the two leads.

The single most important theme in Ms. Frost’s stories is music. It’s so present that it seems like its a separate character. This time ballet dance joins in and I loved reading about Gelsey’s practices and performances.

This story isn’t dark. It gives you as the audience hope with its light, beautiful moments. ANOTHER SKY is like life – it shows you that everyone – rich or poor, famous or not – has their burden to carry but that there is always hope. Wrapped in Jayne Frost’s gorgeous, descriptive writing this story will make you smile, swoon and sniffle a little. She gets me every time. Every. Time.

Home wasn’t a place on the map. Not anymore. Home was lavender-scented linen and blue eyes and promise. And joy. So much joy.

About Jayne Frost

I grew up in California with a dream of moving to Seattle to become a rock star.

But when the grunge thing didn’t work out (I never even made it to the Washington border) I set my sights on Austin, Texas.

After quickly becoming immersed in the Sixth Street Music scene…and discovering I couldn’t actually sing, I decided to do the next best thing—write kick ass romances about hot rockstars and the women that steal their hearts.

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  • Lovely review lady and glad to hear you enjoyed this so much! I didn’t realize this was like spin-off of the Sixth Street Bands Series??? Regardless, I have it on my tbr and look forward to this!

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