Also by this author: The Duchess Deal, The Wallflower Wager
Also in this series: The Wallflower Wager
Series: Girl Meets Duke #2
Published by Avon on August 28th 2018
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Avon, Edelweiss
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He’s been a bad, bad rake—and it takes a governess to teach him a lesson

The accidental governess.

After her livelihood slips through her fingers, Alexandra Mountbatten takes on an impossible post: transforming a pair of wild orphans into proper young ladies. However, the girls don’t need discipline. They need a loving home. Try telling that to their guardian, Chase Reynaud: duke’s heir in the streets and devil in the sheets. The ladies of London have tried—and failed—to make him settle down. Somehow, Alexandra must reach his heart... without risking her own.

The infamous rake.

Like any self-respecting libertine, Chase lives by one rule: no attachments. When a stubborn little governess tries to reform him, he decides to give her an education—in pleasure. That should prove he can’t be tamed. But Alexandra is more than he bargained for: clever, perceptive, passionate. She refuses to see him as a lost cause. Soon the walls around Chase’s heart are crumbling... and he’s in danger of falling, hard.


by Tessa Dare

This series? THE BEST. No, really. Tessa Dare writes the swooniest heroes, the loveliest heroines and the sweetest stories. I adored The Duchess Deal. In The Governess Game she surpasses any expectation I had. I didn’t want this story to end.

There is something about a troubled hero who thinks he doesn’t deserve love, who shows rakish behavior and is totally unapologetic about it because he doesn’t mislead the women. It’s the bad boy thing. The man WE (or the heroine respectively) want to bring down to his knees and make him give up his bad boy ways. Chase Reynaud is the epitome of this hero. He has charm in abundance, the mischievous, handsome man with the twinkle in his eyes but if you look closer you see the darkness.

“You are the worst example of false advertising. I was led to believe I was hiring a prim scold. Then I learn you’re remarkable and bold and interesting.” 

Along comes Alexandra Mountbatten, a hard-working girl who is such a contradiction – she’s intelligent, sensible, level-headed, yet she tends to daydream about a man she collided with in a bookstore. In her mind she creates all kinds of romantic scenarios but never meets him again. Until one day, she is doing her job, setting the time in the homes of the wealthy, when she literally runs into him. Imagine her disappointment when he doesn’t recognize her. Even worse, he’s a rake extraordinaire. The real fun starts, however, when he hires her as the new governess for his hellions of wards.

While he falls in love with his wonderful, spirited, sweet and absolutely reasonable governess he sometimes needs a kick in the butt, however, Alexandra is happy to provide that. He hides his true feelings behind humor but she looks right through him. I was in awe of this heroine – her cleverness, her backbone, her sweetness she was the full package and the matching puzzle piece to Chase.

“We should go after the girls.”
“Yes, we should.” Neither of them moved. Alex bit her lip.
“We’re going to kiss instead, aren’t we.”
He caught her in his arms. “You’re goddamned right, we are.”

I loved every single aspect of the story. The characters, the storyline, the humor, the romance, EVERYTHING was perfect in this book. PERFECT. One of my favorite parts was Chase’s creative eulogies for the wooden doll belonging to Daisy, one of his hellions.

“Almighty Father,”he began in a dispirited tone, “we commit to your keeping the soul of Millicent. Ashes to ashes. Sawdust to sawdust. She was a doll of few words and yet fewer autonomous movements, yet she will be remembered for the ever-present—some might say permanently painted—smile on her face. By the grace of our Redeemer, we know she will be resurrected, perhaps as soon as luncheon.”He added under his breath, “Unfortunately.”

For most of the book I had a goofy smile on my face. I couldn’t get enough of the character’s banter, their connection, the explosive chemistry. I am so gone for this author’s writing style, it’s not even funny.

I have read Tessa Dare’s book before but I think this is her best series as yet. With her a warm, romantic, swoon-worthy stories she weaves magic around you that will have you think about the characters and their love long after you finish the book. I can’t recommend The Governess Game enough. If you need a story that will cheer you up, don’t hesitate. Grab this!

“Oh, and by the way.” She stopped at the door. “While you were ill, you pissed yourself. Twice. Just so you know.”


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