I felt I needed to give you guys a quick update as to why it’s been rather quiet on the blog except for review posts.

Until a week ago I was remodeling my kitchen – it was much more work than I anticipated. I’m totally happy with the result but a lot of blood and sweat ran into building it!

After that was done I had to deep-clean my apartment because my bestie was coming to visit from the United States. Needless to say that I didn’t have much time (again) to really communicate a lot on the blog and social media.

Scott had booked a hotel in Tirol – we only had two days there so we packed a lot of activities into that time. It’s amazing how somebody from abroad opens your eyes to the beauty of your own country. I’m so blessed living where I am. Here a couple of pics from our trips!

Bergisel – ski jumping hill in Innsbruck

Can you imagine to jump down this hill just on skis?

Gloriette in Schönbrunn


Click the panorama pic to enlarge! It’s beautiful <3 but takes a bit to load

We stayed at a hotel that had one of those luxurious showers. You needed a freaking manual to start it. I was the guinea pig (note: don’t try this with your clothes on).

Anyway – my point is – I’m sorry I’ve been absent. Life happens and juggling everything at once is hard and I dropped one or two balls. I know when school starts it’ll get busier again but until then I should be back to normal!

So what have you guys been up to this summer? Something that took away from your blogging and reading time, too?

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