REVIEW: R.C. RYAN – COWBOY ON MY MINDCowboy on my Mind by R.C. Ryan
Series: Montana Strong #1
Published by Forever on June 26th 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Cowboys
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley, Forever
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Once a bad boy...
Ben Monroe was the ultimate bad boy-and everyone in Haller Creek knew it. But now as a sheriff's deputy, Ben spends his time breaking up bar fights rather than starting them, and staying away from trouble...until Becca Henderson comes back into town. She's just as beautiful as Ben remembers-and just as far out of his reach.
Coming home is exactly what Becca Henderson needed. A place of her own, a successful new business, and a chance to reconnect with the sexy cowboy she had a crush on in school. Ben has always blazed his own path and never let anyone stand in his way. It excites-and scares-her. But when an unexpected threat surfaces, Becca will see just how far Ben will go to protect the woman he loves-and fight for their chance at forever.


by R.C. RYAN

I’ll make this quick! When I read the blurb for Cowboy on my mind I was really looking forward to reading a new author who writes about hot cowboys. Unfortunately this one didn’t quite work for me – I expected so much more.

I loved the idea of a broken man building a patchwork family without blood ties. Mac was a wonderful dad and I loved how he adored every single member of his family which had grown so naturally. While I loved the family dynamics, the main characters fell a little flat for me. I found both Ben and Becca bland. The person with the most distinctive profile had Becca’s annoying dad. I also would have liked to see Becca stand up against her dad – the way it was she was weak and her dad a nagging jerk and shrew.

Additionally, the storytelling was written in third person which isn’t a problem for me per se. The author jumped from one POV to the next without real separation. In the Same chapter you could read the main character’s thoughts as well as the side characters’. I found this to be a little confusing.

While I expected more it wasn’t a total loss. On the plus side there was a little suspense that I appreciated.  I also enjoyed the banter between the family members and the obvious love between them. Will I read another book by RC Ryan? Probably not. This might be just a case of it’s me and not the book. What didn’t work for me might totally tick your boxes so please, as always, the reminder to read other reviews and then decide if this might be for you.


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