on January 11th 2018
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There are times when the Earth stops moving and the weight of its gravity pulls you down, deeper than you ever thought possible. You tumble farther than you ever imagined falling…
And when the sun goes black and your heart feels empty, starting over seems like an impossible feat…

You’re not alone.

Twenty-Two Authors have joined together in this collection of short stories about fresh starts and second chances to help illustrate that even when life takes away everything, and when hope is a horizon you think you’ll never catch, it is possible to Begin Again.

*All Proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and NAMI*

Featuring short stories by:
A.M. Johnson
Stephanie Rose
J.A. DeRouen
Ginger Scott
Anne Jolin
Ariadne Wayne
Emery Jacobs
M. Andrews
K.P. Haigh
Kay Renee
Maria MacDonald
Faith Andrews
K.K. Allen
Mara White
Autumn Grey
Josephine Brierley
Amanda Richardson
Stephie Walls
Jaci Wheeler
Stephanie Alba
L.A. Taylor
Foreword by Rebecca Yarros

Begin Again is a big bundle of stories full of hope, love and inspiration. The authors have come together to put the spotlight on a serious topic, suicide and its prevention. There is no formula you can apply to each suicide case, it comes in all heartbreaking, devastating forms with all it’s different tragic reasons. Begin again tells some of those stories in bit-sized shorties you can read in between breakfast and getting ready for work. They are excellent, heartfelt and emotional.



by Ginger Scott

Ginger Scott never disappoints. Ever. She has a knack for writing something special in the span of a couple of chapters and packs so much in it that afterwards you feel like you’ve read a whole novel.

Megan struggles with her parents’ divorce and like all teenagers acceptance of her future stepdad is hard to come by. She just can’t, it still hurts that her mother found somebody else. Good thing she meets a cute life guard on vacation who shows her that she isn’t alone in her pain. Chris, too, is a child of two separated parents.

Megan and Chris behave like teenagers and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Chris is really sweet and understanding and with his help and her future stepdad’s patience she starts to find joy again, not only in Chris but also her mom’s new man in her life. Megan isn’t defiant without reason, she just reacts to the new situation.

No matter what Ginger writes, she always hits the mark with me. This is a little gem of a short story with which the author proves her immense talent yet again.
“Still the cutest girl I’ve ever met,” he says, the same raspy voice only older, matured.

by Autumn Grey

Mason and his parents moved away from Layton to give them all a new start after Mason’s boyfriend committed suicide. Things at home aren’t great, his father isn’t dealing very well with the fact that Mason is gay.

In his new school he keeps locking eyes with a guy who clearly is wrong for him because he the epitome of straight. Never mind all those mixed signals Asher gives him. Mason befriends Asher’s twin sister Addison. When Mason invites Asher and Addison over for dinner it has disaster written all over it – his dad will be there. Plus, he has to get a handle on his increasing attraction to the straight guy.

“At night, when I lie in bed, I think about you, Mason. I can’t help it. I think about your stupid smirk and your stupid touch that seem to burn through my skin.”

Breaking Point is a sweet little story with a spunky, a little pushy gay hero and a guy who doesn’t want to analyze his feelings and attraction for Mason. It ends with a promise of so much more. I love that it doesn’t have a happily ever after but leaves room for your imagination. It definitely ends on a hopeful note. I would have liked to know what went down with Mason’s dead boyfriend since it was touched on it but not elaborated.

I always wanted to read on of Autumn Grey’s stories and now I know I’ll go back for more. She knows how to draw you right into the story. Her writing style is youthful and very straight forward, I love that. Conclusion: a new author to stalk!
With him, I feel the darkness in me recede.

by Mara White

This story is a little different from the others I read.

Joe is a cop. He is one of those who helped clean up Manhattan after 9/11. He breathed the dust of concrete and thousands of dead people.

He has been in therapy for PTSD but once you’ve been in the crazy bin your co-workers at the precinct don’t look at you the same way.

Basically, If you’re dead, you’re a hero. If you survive and need help for your wounded mind you’re alone. Nobody takes you seriously, you’re the butt end of tasteless jokes.

Joe’s saving grace comes in the form of another wounded soul. Together, they’ll make it. I’m sure of it.

This story is so painful, it made my heart ache. Joe’s descriptions are detailed and I commend the author for how authentic the whole story feels. I think I’m going to have a drink now and hug somebody.


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  • I love the concept behind this collection. Collecting stories for a purpose like this is just lovely. I might have to pick this one up. We all need a little hope sometimes 🙂

    • I agree! I love reviewing anthologies like that. Gives it a much deeper meaning and those short stories are really just long enough to read them if you have only an hour or so.

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