Temptation #5


Ella Frank

✮✮✮ 5 STARS ✮✮✮

I think I can’t hide how much I love Ella Frank’s boys Tate and Logan. They are so very special, each in his own way. I was really excited to find out how Logan would explore these new thoughts about his relationship with Tate.

The first sentences of the story say it all and it’s pretty much the central theme of the whole book:

IT WAS STRANGE how a life could change in the blink of an eye. How someone’s perception of things could alter in a nanosecond due to one look or word depending on the mood or the timing, or even the person they were with. And sometimes, when that happened, there was no explaining why. It just… happened.

This not only explains why Logan changes his mind but also why the author chose to change the path for her characters. They are on the brink of starting a new chapter.

In the newest installment we see a little more angst and a lot more emotional scenes. There is no doubt that Tate and Logan have changed each other’s life for the better, that they enrich each other’s life. You think they are as solid as they can be and nothing can disrupt their state of bliss. And even when there is discord you have that absolute trust in them that things will be OK in the end. There is so much love that it can’t be any other way.

Not only Logan explores his new feelings toward their relationship, Tate also has to re-think a lot of what he thought was a given and he has taken for granted so far. I felt for both of them, how they both struggled with all the new influences and situations. I wanted to hug them so bad. Logan in particular, who is always the most beautiful when he bares his soul. His snark and sarcasm are my second favorite thing about him. Tate’s anguish was hard to watch, he had a tough time figuring out how to work through all the new situations – but as I said, you trust in their love being able to overcome anything.

“You and I, we’re a bit of a mess lately, aren’t we?” “A little bit.” Logan brought his hand up to cover the one on his cheek. “But there’s no one I’d rather get messy with.”

We get to hang out with the whole gang and we get a little more of Priest and Robbie and how their relationship hasn’t improved. I am really looking forward for their personalities to crash into each other. There is a lot of hate-lust going on.
Robbie is coming back to his old sass which I loved to see. I actually like him now better than in the first installments because you can see a little bit maturity come through. There is also a tentative friendship developing between him and Tate, which I thought was lovely.

This definitely is Ella Frank’s best installment so far and together with Trust the most emotional one. She shows us a bit of a different Tate and a solid Logan and a lot of mutual love and understanding between them. I adore their relationship so much, their connection and how they just work.

….and then he was falling all over again. Falling for the charm of the silver-tongued lawyer who’d picked him to sit down opposite that first night. Falling into a relationship he’d always wanted but never dreamed he would have. But most of all, he was falling in love with Logan all over again, just as he’d done every day since he’d known him.

I can’t get enough of Ella’s boys and it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to them when the next book will be out in January 2018. Until then I’m holding on to the warm fuzzy feeling she left me with.

Tate is the fifth installment in the Temptation series which must be read in order.

All teasers courtesy of the author

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