Colorado Mountain #7


Kristen Ashley

✮✮✮ 4 STARS ✮✮✮

Being the daughter of a rock super star and having it all Justice Lonesome had become a little bit weary and bored with her life. Seven years ago she’d met a man. A man who spoke to her poet’s soul and inspired a song. A man who wanted to take her on a ride on the back of her bike next day. And stood her up.

Today she bought a house in the middle of the Colorado Mountains, that promises to be fantastic when the work it needs is done. It’s going to be her sanctuary and Deke Hightower is supposed to help her build it.

Deke has been burned by rich girls, he knows to stay away and to not even entertain the idea of getting close to them…but the longer he works on Jussy’s house the more he learns that she has nothing in common with the rich women he met. She is cute, funny AF and soon enough she gets under his skin.

But Deke needs the saddle of his bike and the road under him and Justice just started to settle down. When Justice life before the Colorado Mountains starts to bleed in and she is attacked in her oasis of peace all thoughts of walling himself up against her charm are gone. All Deke feels is an violent need to protect this beautiful woman who has stolen his heart.

“Wither to dust, crumble like rust, only by your side.” 

It is no secret that I love Kristen Ashley’s books and I know that her heroes sound very alike – maybe I don’t get bored with them because I read them in small doses. Or maybe I just love this type of hero so much that I don’t care. I binge-read many of her books a couple years ago but then I got into this blogging business and there just wasn’t enough time left so now I’m catching up slowly by listening to audio books.

What we get is the signature KA alpha male and a strong, independent heroine who falls hard for the hero.
Deke has been popping in and out of this series. He is the silent, brooding type, the one everyone relies on, a hard worker and ready to help out when people need his skills. When he meets Justice he knows he has to keep his distance – rich women have been his downfall before and while she is cute and funny he can’t let his dick direct his life. But when he falls he falls completely and it was lovely to see how he took care of his woman. He indulges her, gives her whatever she wants and needs because he knows that’s what he gets from her in return. They balance each other out and complete one another.

I loved Jussy – she doesn’t just have a poet’s soul, she also has an old soul. There is something that makes her approachable despite her fame, a people’s person everybody wants to please and be friends with. She is wise beyond her years but has a quirkiness that is in contrast to that wisdom – but it’s that combination that made me love her so much.

“I’m a lucky girl. Blessed. Given so much bounty, it’s almost embarrassing how much God likes me. But He really must like me because I have all I have and He also gave me you.”

Deke and Justice’s love is a slow simmer but once it fully ignites you know that there is no going back. It’s what I love most about this author’s books. The full commitment to each other and the relationship – there is no question that the two main characters belong together.

“No bullshit. Out there. Open. My Jussy.” He looked again into my eyes. “Made for me.

We get to hang out with the whole group of people from this series – yay Tate and Laurie – and some from other this author’s other series’. The story started to drag a little after the 50% mark and we get a lot of detailed descriptions of houses and furniture and clothes people are wearing. While I love Kristen Ashley’s descriptions they do get a little bit excessive. Having said that, though, her stories are like crack and you just want to read the next one – I just love them. So now I’m waiting for Wood’s story but I have a lot of books to keep me occupied until then.

I had not found my oasis. I had not found a home.
I’d stumbled into Heaven on earth where miracles could happen. 

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