The Wicked Horse Las Vegas #2

Sawyer Bennett

✮✮✮ 4 STARS ✮✮✮

When Jorie’s husband tells her that she is a bad lay it does a number on her self esteem. What’s more, he tells her to move out of their house. Jorie is deeply wounded and moves back to her native Nevada and in with her best friend Elena. Of course, Elena is offended on behalf of her main squeeze so she 

convinces Jorie to visit Vegas’ hottest and most exclusive sex club, The Wicked Horse.
It’s a masquerade night and that suits Jorie just fine. She is up for adventure and soon she is engaged in the most delicious depravity with a masked stranger.
When he sees the woman with the feathered mask Walsh knows he has found his flavor of the evening. She has been chosen to be the guinea pig for a sex toy he had custom-made by his best friend. Soon he realizes that the woman he picked is said best friend’s sister. At first he is furious – the girl he always treated like a little sister in a sex club? But soon he finds that she stirs some not so sister-like feelings in him.

I feel like I’ve marked Jorie in some way, and I’m afraid that means I’m not kicking her out of my bed anytime soon.

When we meet Walsh he is this arrogant, self-assured, often times high-handed alpha male who can pick any woman he wants. He is a beast in the sack and gets his kicks at the club to satisfy his sexual needs which are on the kinky side of the spectrum. He doesn’t care about the name of his respective partner – impersonal is just fine with him. He fucks and he leaves. 
It is fascinating to see how the girl he helped raise, brings him to his knees. He fights her because her brother Micah would blow a gasket if he knew that Walsh sleeps with Jorie but eventually he can’t deny her and himself their sizzling chemistry and they start a clandestine no-strings relationship. That doesn’t mean that the struggle stops though – Walsh is has his own version of code of honor and he hates the lies that come with their secret.

Keeping it hidden from Micah won’t make it exciting, though. It’s dangerous and a serious blow to the loyalty and trust he has in me.

His feelings for Jorie grow and the more time they spend the more essential she becomes to his happiness. I loved how soft and sweet yet still bossy he was with this woman.

Jorie has been deeply hurt by her husband, she struggles tremendously with the insecurities that come from such a low blow. Walsh gives her the self esteem back and she learns a lot about herself, layers she didn’t know she had. Jorie is a feisty heroine with a sweet core who grows a major backbone over the course of the story.

I’m talking about the fact that he made me feel gorgeous and revered. I felt sexy as hell with him, and I don’t remember feeling that way for a very long time. He peeled back a layer of my metaphorical sexual onion. – Jorie
I loved how deeply these two cared for each other. Both of their feelings were based on years of friendship and a special bond, that only shared secrets can form. When push came to shove though Walsh had to choose his loyalty and at first I was really annoyed with him – but Sawyer Bennett has made Jorie the most important person of this story and she showed me Jorie’s growth. Jorie didn’t choose the easy path, she took her time to choose the right path for her. I really loved that aspect. Plus, Walsh did a really good grovel.

This installment had a bit more angst than what I’m used to from Sawyer Bennett, but I enjoyed it just as much as her other books in the Wicked Horse series. I love the best friend’s sister trope so this one really made me happy. Again we get a deliciously dirty story with lovable characters who show us that it’s perfectly OK to live your wildest fantasies in a safe environment. Yes, it’s depraved but it’s oooh soooo good, exciting and sexy. I hope Elena and Micah get their own story (not necessarily together) but first we get Wicked Envy!

Wicked Wish is the second installment in The Wicked Horse Las Vegas series 
and can be read as a standalone. 
All teasers courtesy of the author

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