Predator and Prey #2


Kate Stewart

✮✮ 4.5 STARS ✮✮✮

“I will return.”
Do yourself a favor and don’t spoil yourself by reading reviews with spoilers. Go in blind and be wowed. I’m trying to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible. 
This book continues where we left off. I had a lot of question marks at the end of the first installment. Among them was “What is Amber’s game?” and “What happened to Ray?” Let me tell you right away, you will leave these characters with a full of understanding of everyone of them. Kate Stewart tied this story up neatly.
We get a very good view into Taylor’s past through flashbacks which shows us how she became this unbreakable, unyielding woman she is today. At the end of the book you see a woman full of compassion, even for her greatest nemesis. I love this complicated woman so much.

This Cinderella had no prince waiting, but she didn’t need one and never would. No, this Cinderella had run with the rats, fucked a prince or two, and decided that self-worth was superior to being second to a man’s ego.

Some chapters are written from Daniello’s POV and those give us insight into his emotional world, what he feels for his Phoenix and the darkness that he is. Instead of running from the danger he poses to her life, Taylor embraces it. This man will do anything to protect his love and she knows it. 

Someone had to love the fucking villain.

Both of them know that their love has an expiry date so they live in the moment without facing the future. That doesn’t keep the past from haunting them though and even though he is one of the villains you will definitely feel pity and compassion for the person Taylor’s childhood friend Lazarus has become and THAT is a feat Kate managed to do, let me tell you. 
Kate Stewart is wrapping up this duo with a bang and I am so freaking happy that I got the chance to read it – it ticks all my boxes. She has established her position as one of my favorite authors. Go in blind and let her wow you too.

I studied Daniello and realized out of all the men in my life, he was the only one who taught me the truth about love. He had come into my life as a threat to all my principles and fully wrecked my line of thinking. Order and excellence had their place, but so did passion, spontaneity, and love.

Crosshairs is book 2 in the Predator and Prey series and has to be read in order. 

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