Predator and Prey #1


Kate Stewart

Holy. Shit.

Disclaimer: This book is not a beach read. Attempting to do so might get you into trouble of the flushing/wet bikini panties kind.  

Taylor is a regular guest at a sex club, The Rabbit Hole, but she isn’t there just to sate her special gusto for sex. Love isn’t what she is after either, although secretly she craves it, and she has almost given up finding the man who can satisfy her kinky side when the walking contradiction and mysterious Daniello introduces himself.

Two things were clear to me in that moment. I wanted to fuck this man. And he would be very, very bad for me.

What follows is a sensual cat and mouse game in which it’s not quite clear who the mouse is and who the cat. Daniello and Taylor enter in a no-strings arrangement. One night and Taylor craves more of this enigmatic, arrogant man. 

What I love about Kate Stewart’s heroines is that even if they submit they are never weak. Their strength is always palpable. I loved how this heroine never backed down, how she clawed herself out of her toxic home. She is really something else.

The few men in Taylor’s life were poisonous and taught her that intimacy has to be avoided at all costs. Daniello pushes Taylor and her boundaries. He makes her crazy with his volatile behavior but she doesn’t give an inch. Slowly admiration for this woman, who had nothing but toxic relationships in her life, creeps up on him and along with it comes a kindness Taylor struggles to accept but with her past making a reappearance in her life she won’t have much of a choice. It’s a little bit hard to watch her keeping herself detached from feelings that could hurt her.

I hated everything about what I felt and yet I silently willed the new vicious cycle to end with an appearance, a whisper, one more moment, one touch, a kiss.

Daniello is a mystery and he stays one all the way through the end of book 1 in the Predator and Prey series. He is quick to anger, and Taylor’s mouth, which has a tendency to run away with her, only fires him up more. But his feelings for his woman start showing in subtle ways and you need to pay attention to not miss the signs. By the end you know that this unyielding man has met his match and he is well on his way to falling for Taylor.

“I do not pity you, Taylor Ellison. I could never pity a woman I admire. You…what you have done, leaving here, the woman you have become.”

Daniello is an arrogant alpha-hole who demands respect but there is something really endearing about him. His imperfect English is sweet, his confusion and indignation because he “answers” to Taylor are hilarious. Plus, the aforementioned kindness gives this bad boy something special.

This is Erotic Suspense at its best. With bated breath you follow Taylor and Daniello getting entangled in each other’s life. Along on the ride come twists and turns you don’t anticipate. The cherry on top is some off-the-charts sexual tension. The side cast is familiar from books written under Kate’s pen name Angelica Chase (these stories have now been re-released under the author’s real name).

Kate Stewart’s writing is impeccable – I cannot praise her enough. The way she keeps me glued to the pages has me coming back for more. It’s an addiction and I am so happy that I don’t have to wait for book 2 because it’s up next for me!

Camouflage is book 1 in the  Predator and Prey series and must be read in order.

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