Hearts #6


L.H. Cosway

Two years ago Reya and Trev moved their friendship to another level. It was also the time when Trev’s dream of his own parkour reality show came true. This should have been the happiest time of their life but real life crept in fast and their budding relationship fizzled out. Reya was left broken hearted over the loss of her best friend and her love. 
Two years later Trev asks her for a second chance to fix their friendship. He offers her a job as a PA for the parkour team for their Europe tour and after a lot of hesitation she agrees to take the chance. It helps that her own career as a musician is stagnating and obviously going nowhere. It stings that Trev is successful and her own career is going nowhere. 
The prospect of playing in joints of different European countries holds great appeal and would mean more exposure for her music. But there is the issue of not letting Trev in again. Spending three weeks with Trev and being close to him for an extended period? It will take everything to resist this cheeky, charming and intense guy. Reya still hurts and Trev makes it hard to keep him at arms’ length. How long will she be able to resist?

Because that was the person I’d fallen for in the beginning, and I didn’t think I’d ever get over that mischievous blue-eyed boy, no matter how much I tried. I loved his unpredictability. I got off on his wildness and spontaneity. And I adored how he always surprised me with what came out of his mouth.

Reya’s pain is so obvious from the start, I felt it with her. She has never moved on from Trev. As long as they were friends she’d always avoided letting her feelings for Trev venture into a territory they have no business to go when you want to stay friends so there is a lot of regret on her behalf.  On this trip she doesn’t only learn a lot about her best friend, she learns about herself and that she misjudged Trev’s flightiness and unreliability. He impresses her with his new maturity, she gets a whole new appreciation for his condition. 

I looked down at my plate, a smile curling my lips. “Since when did you become the mature one?”
His look was direct. “Since I spent two years without you. I don’t plan on going another two.”

Above all though, she still loves Trev – it has always been him. She stands loyal by him even if she is at odds with where their relationship should go. Reya is a tender-hearted girl but she has a backbone of steel even when she feels she is weak. 
Reya also has to deal with her estrangement from her own family. Her story is sad and you can only shake your head when you see the sanctimony and cruelty of her own flesh and blood. I was sad for her and offended on her behalf. 
Trev has come a long way from the cheeky, flighty, hyperactive, thoughtless guy he used to be. Learning about ADHD and how to deal with it on a daily basis has made him more mature and calmer than he used to be. He still has that cheekiness about him that I have come to love from the first time he appeared in Hearts of Blue but there is a new depth to him. He is grounded, solid and he kept impressing me with how much thought he gave to the things Reya said. When it comes to her he would give up everything, his selflessness was beautiful. 
Trev tries so hard to become the person Reya needs and it is obvious to everyone how very much in love he still is with his girl, except to the woman herself. It is tangible how he is pining for Reya and how much he worships her. 

“One thing you never realised about me, Reya. I’ve got an incredible poker face. I can make it seem like I don’t care when I care too much. I can make it seem like I’m not paying attention when I’m really watching your every move. I know. Because that’s what I used to do.”

When it finally works out for them they both realize that the separation was actually a blessing – neither of them was ready back then and had the tools to deal with the consequences of Trev’s condition.

I adored Reya’s and Trev’s relationship and how their love was so obvious. It was understandable that she didn’t want to fall into old patterns and (unsuccessfully) kept an emotional distance from Trev.

LH Cosway knows how to write some extremely steamy scenes and let me tell you, Trev is a freaking beast. I think he has a little sex addiction going on ;).

I loved the dynamics between the two main characters. Their friendship has always been beautiful to me and while Trev sometimes came across as a bit of an airhead throughout the series I kind of figured there was more to him and I’m happy to say that I was right.

The last two chapters will make every fan of this series super-happy. You get to catch up with your favorite characters and I really really loved the developing bromance of two of the characters. This book also sets the stage for the new series which will be about the rest of the parkour team. The first couple will be Callum and Leanne who we get to know a little bit and let me tell you…that way lies a lot of angst.

This book is a worthy conclusion of an amazing series and I say goodbye a little teary-eyed. I have come to love the uniqueness of L.H. Cosway’s characters. She has a way of evoking deep emotions with and for them. I was enraptured and completely immersed in the story from the first page. And now? Now I can’t wait to see what this author has in store for us with her new series. I hope that we get some cameos from the Hearts series. I’m sure she will take us again on a fun ride.

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