The Wicked Horse Vegas #1


Sawyer Bennett




When the original Wicked Horse series ended I was truly sad. I loved the depravity, the scorching chemistry between the main protagonists and their freedom to sate their out-of-the-norm sexual cravings. Their tragic pasts and how they came to their well deserved Happily Ever After. Then Sawyer Bennett announced that she would expand the Wicked Horse to Vegas. And I was like:


So let’s see how this compares, shall we?

Jerico Jameson, ex-special ops and owner of the Wicked Horse Vegas is at first furious when he is confronted with is past. The sister of the one person he never wanted to hear from again approaches him to collect on a debt Jerico owes her brother Jayce for saving his life. Trista needs a hefty sum of money and Jerico starts to put a plan together to finally get revenge for Jayce’s role in his tragic past.

I maybe have a very deceitful intent about what I’m doing to her, but I also intend to give her pleasure like she’s never known.

Trista needs money to pay off the loan shark she borrowed money from so she could pay for her niece’s surgery. Jerico agrees to give her the money if she comes work for him at the club. Trista agrees but makes sure that the contract includes that she would not have to sleep with the customers. She didn’t expect to be so irresistibly attracted to  her new boss and soon he introduces her to the forbidden and licentious pleasures of the Wicked Horse.

Jerico smiles at me and then bends his head so his mouth is within a hair’s breadth of mine. I think he’s going to kiss me but instead he just murmurs, “Putting money and our deal aside, if you ever want me to scratch that itch of yours, all you have to do is ask, Trista. I’ll give it to you.”

I loved these two. LOVED LOVED LOVED. Trista is a sassy, smart and adventurous young woman with a quick wit who challenges Jerico and she takes it as well as she dishes it out. She loves her niece and her mom dearly and would do anything for them. Trista shows some major backbone throughout the story – I loved that she didn’t trip over herself to please Jerico, even when she realized that her feelings for him were running deep.

Jerico is bitter from his past. He doesn’t go for seconds but probably had firsts with almost the whole female staff of his club. Not many can resist him – he is beautiful, enigmatic, magnetic and confident but when Trista starts working for him he can’t get enough.

Yes, Trista and I agreed this was an open relationship and each of us could do whatever we wanted, but apparently, my sense of outrage and the caveman-like possessiveness that’s welled up inside of me doesn’t give a shit about what we said.

He wants her, again and again and is enraptured by her uninhibited spirit for erotic adventures. While he guards his heart in the beginning he soon loses the battle and realizes that his vendetta isn’t worth hurting an innocent.

Right at the beginning was a twist I didn’t see coming at all. I was literally gasping and I whispered to myself “well played, Sawyer, well played.” The story line is captivating and if you love your sex scenes with a generous dose of spice…well, make sure the shower is available because damn, they are SCORCHING. There is lots of sweetness between the main characters and I just couldn’t be mad at Jerico because he did have a huge heart. And if a grown up man having a tea party with a little girl, stretching his pinky away from the cup, doesn’t make you go “awwww” then you should have your heart checked out.

Trista giggles. It’s a great sound. It’s not girlish or immature. It’s sweet and melodic, and while I like making her scream and cry out, I like making her giggle too.

Sawyer Bennett’s Wicked Horse series is back and she is even better this time around. We get a real epilogue to see how the couple is doing further along in the future – that was something I was missing with the original series. I am looking forward to Kynan’s story – I have every confidence that it will be just as good as the first installment of The Wicked Horse Vegas.

Wicked Favor is part of a series but can be read as a standalone.


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