Allen Brothers #1


Barbie Bohrman

 ✬✬✬ 4 STARS ✬✬✬

9 years ago man-ho extraordinaire Trevor locks eyes with a beautiful woman at his graduation party. He is in lust from the first moment. A couple seconds later his hopes to score are dashed. The lady is his best friend’s fiance.

9 years later Veronica has moved back to New York after her divorce from Daniel. Her ex-husband had cheated on her for most of their marriage. To celebrate her three-months anniversary of being in New York she wants to celebrate with her best friend and a girl’s night out at a bar. Her friend however, had to cancel last minute so Veronica decides to go alone. She didn’t expect to run into her ex’ friend and best man at their wedding. Her first instinct is to run but Trevor offers her a night of fun and friendship and Veronica accepts. But can the womanizer really do friendships without getting in her panties?

“What I do want to make my business is making sure you’re okay. I know that sounds crazy, because trust me, it sounds fucking crazy even to me right now. But, I swear it’s the God’s honest truth.”
The corners of her almond-shaped eyes tilted up as the rest of her face started to relax. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed you were—”
“A dick?”
“No! I wasn’t going to say that, Trevor.”
“Why not? It’s true. I am a dick. A big one.”

Trevor was the highlight of this quick story. He is adorable when he finds himself confused by his feelings for Veronica. He is a cocky arrogant guy who uses women for pleasure and when he realizes he is falling for this woman he is completely out of his element.

I was ridiculously off-the-charts attracted to her physically. Had been since the very first time I met her. That part was easy to figure out. But there was a lot more stuff going on in my head when it came to her. And “stuff” was just a copout for me not to outright admit to myself that I had fucking feelings whenever I thought about her or talked to her.

Veronica is cautious, which is understandable after her marriage but she enjoys her friendship with Trevor and starts to see a different side of him, the caring and sweet one. I liked her well enough but I found her to be a little bit bland. I expected somebody with a little bit more fire and spirit. Still, she was a likable heroine and didn’t let people walk over her, which I appreciated.

This was a fun and sexy romance on the lighter side of the spectrum. It does get a little bit angsty further in the book and as always it’s secrets and the keeper of them being too much of a chickenshit to give it up. I loved all the Disco and 70’s music references. At some point I wanted to slap Trevor but he got his head straight really fast so he may be forgiven.

If you like a quick and sexy read to take you away from the super angsty ones this one is definitely for you. I’m looking forward to seeing what Barbie Bohrman has in store for Max!

“Because all I see is you. All I want is you. All I need is you.
And if you open this door right here, right now, Veronica, I swear to you that I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you. I promise, I’ll never hurt you again.”

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