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Dear Mrs. S,

your creations are like Kintsukuroi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, making it sturdier and more gorgeous than before. This is what you do with your characters – you take two broken people, tell their story and when you are done they are stronger and more beautiful for it.

This time you give us Zelda, who I fell in love with in “All In” because she was such a good friend to Theo, and Beckett, whose kind heart made me weep because the guilt he feels is so misplaced. 

Zelda is a brave and resilient one, she takes a good thing where she can find it and she definitely has found one in Beckett. She sees him, his beauty, his heart, his light. They are buried under a massive pile of guilt but you make Zelda wise enough to teach him to forgive himself and unfold his own potential. 

…our pain was of the same fabric, even if the patterns were different, but he was helping me.

At the same time Beckett, who hasn’t allowed himself to live for a long time, helps Zelda to find her own peace of mind and closure. These two are the heart pieces of the story, their love grows at a low simmer until it escalates into a sensual and all consuming explosion. 

Beckett’s lust and want were vibrant splashes of the most brilliant color, while the gentle intensity in his eyes revealed what was in his heart—written in solid ink across mine, and indelible.

I loved that Zelda followed her gut feeling and didn’t take the easy way out. You made her strong with a sharp wit and intelligence. I adored Beck for always having her back and growing into the young man he was supposed to be before he made one stupid mistake. A mistake he would regret for a long time to come. But like Zelda, he is brave and takes the high road. 

These two feel deeply and their road to healing and happiness isn’t an easy one. They keep each other at a distance at first, neither of them thinks they deserve love but when they finally find it, it’s hard earned and well deserved. 

Our eyes held, and I could see what I wanted reflected in his deep blue gaze. What both of us wanted, and what we thought we shouldn’t have, with our promise to stay friends hanging in between.

I am utterly in love with Zelda and Beckett. Not only did they make me cry a little bit, they also made me laugh because you equipped these characters with a fabulous sense of humor which made their heartbreaking struggles a little bit easier to bear. 

“Fine,” he snapped back after a silence, and climbed onto the air mattress. His feet stuck out unless he pulled them in, and he tried to conceal this with the blue blanket. “I told you,” I said. “You’re too tall.” He pulled the blue blanket over his head. “Your prejudice against tall people is duly noted.”

Beck and Zelda feel as real as my neighbors. They could easily live next door. As could all the other characters in this story. Roy and Mary are my favorite because they give Beckett their unconditional love. Darlene I love because I can feel that with the right person she can become the bubbly young woman she used to be. You set the stage for all of Zelda’s and Beckett’s friends.  

Dear Mrs. S, your words are magic to me, your prose is wonderful, gorgeous. You are a master of evoking deep emotions and I worship the ground you walk on. Thank you for enriching my life by gifting your art to all of us.

your faithful reader Astrid

PS. Can we have a story about Darlene, pretty please?
PPS. And Nigel and Wes, too. 

“Do you remember what I told you on Christmas night?”
“I told you I would,” she said.
“You said the apartment felt like home because I made it that way. With lights, and the plant and the rug.”
“That’s what I said. But I was wrong.”
“You were?”
“Yeah, baby, I was. You didn’t make it home, Zelda. You are my home. Where you are is home.”

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