Enamorado #1


Ella Fox

✬✬✬ 3.75 “Mi Tesoro” Stars ✬✬✬

When her (supposedly ex-) fiancé shows up at her work out of the blue Ava doesn’t feel a small amount of hurt and resentment. And when Mateo announces that he is done waiting for her to come back to him, that her time would be up and it would be time to talk her anger knows no bounds. He never accepted the end of their engagement a couple of weeks ago so he has come to reclaim his runaway fiancée.

“I have acceded to your wishes and given you the space you begged for. All of the decisions I made to keep you happy and free of stress did not improve this situation. You buried yourself under a mountain of fear and anxiety, refusing any help. It has not worked, mi bello amor.”

This is what we know when we start this book. It’s not much, given how strong Ava’s anger jumps from the pages, and let me tell you, she wasn’t easy to love. She is abrasive, bitter and angry with Mateo. If it weren’t for the flashbacks we would think that she is a total shrew, but no! Before whatever made her so happened she was a very sweet girl, who adored her daddy and Mateo and would have done anything for either of them. So what event turned her so tough towards the love of her life?

Well, I won’t tell you – it’s what this book is about. It’s furled up from the end to the beginning and as a reader you need to remove each layer, little by little until you have the full picture. If you stick with it however, you will see that Ava’s resentment was (mostly) justified.

Mateo is as possessive as they come, affectionate and so clearly in love with Ava that it makes it even less understandable that Ava acts the way she does. He adores and cherishes her and fulfills her every wish. Ava comes first in any of his thoughts and considerations but he is no sissy. Mateo was the highlight of this story, he was absolutely swoon-worthy.

I had felt a lot like a heroin addict trying desperately to avoid a needle on the other side of the door. The only difference was that in my case, I loved my addiction more than anything in the world.

Despite Ava’s resentment the sexy times between these two were scorching.

Teaser courtesy of the author

I liked the beginning of this series, the writing is as good as you expect it from an experienced author, the flashbacks didn’t hinder the enjoyment. They were actually the reason I kept on reading although I struggled with Ava in the first half of the book, but I wanted to know what would turn a sweet girl with a big heart into such a quarrelsome woman.

One thing I have to mention because it lowered my rating – the brothers of the hero weren’t developed enough to make me curious about their story. They were merely extras and didn’t contribute much to the story. The only one who did intrigue me somewhat was Rafe. I think his story will be interesting to read now that I have finished this book.

If you like your romance with a bit of angst and an interesting and different concept of story building give this a try! It was a quick and fun read.

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