Dirty Sins Duet #2


Karina Halle


“I just need you to know that I love you with every inch of my black heart and dirty soul and I will do everything I can to keep you.”

Disclaimer: If you haven’t read Black Hearts – STOP READING RIGHT NOW 😉 This is not a standalone.

In this installment we pick up we left off in Black Hearts. Violet just learned who Vicente really is, they are headed towards her parents’ past to find answers. She feels a little bit guilty about how she left things with her mother. Vicente’s conscience battles with his selfishness to keep Violet in the dark about his role in the events that came to pass.

When faced with the reality of Camden’s and Ellie’s past transgressions things start to get really downhill. And yet, they haven’t faced the biggest challenge yet: mastermind and father of one Vicente Bernal: Javier, druglord and total wackjob.

This was such a fun and wild ride. While the first 20% were focused on Vicente’s and Violet’s relationship what came after was one obstacle and showdown chasing the next for our hero and heroine.
We get a good view into the depth of Javier’s character and his insane perception of love and let me tell you, this guy is sick. I have no idea how he can be a (anti-)hero but I definitely need to know now. He is the real villain and steels the show from our main characters in some scenes.

Sometimes Javier feels like a toddler who stamps his foot because he can’t bend all people, and the McQueen family and his son in particular, to his will. Why else would he hold a grudge for 20+ years and can’t let go of what Ellie did to him (after he cheated on her and apparently on Luisa as well). How can he think he can steel and harden his son by hurting what means the most to Vicente without turning him against him? He definitely left me speechless and sputtering. But there are also short glimpses of him that make me see that there are tiny specks of light on his black heart.

Vicente’s and Violet’s relationship develops fast but it’s plausible with all the things they go through and the bond grows only stronger when faced with the menace that is his father. Their love burns hot and intense.

“Violet,you’re under my skin.You’re in my bones.You’re in the sun,the moon,the light in my dark.”

I was a bit surprised at how easy Violet let him get away for lying to her but I suppose the situation required it. Vicente is insanely protective of Violet, dangerous and manipulative and while he isn’t as experienced at the game as his father he still one-ups him at some point.
We also see Violet grow into the strong woman she is supposed to be. She is the boss of her man and he lets her when the situation allows it.

We also get some chapters with Ellie’s POV which serve to enhance the experience – I just bought The Sins & Needles trilogy so I’ll definitely read why Javier has such a hard-on for revenge.

This installment is fast paced and action focused. You’ll sit and hold your breath and just let it happen. I’d like to see the faces of people who read this. It must be quite a show of a multitude of facial expressions! Karina Halle isn’t one of my favorite authors for nothing. This was certainly a worthy conclusion of an epic love story.

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