Everything I Left Unsaid #4


M. O’Keefe

A year ago Tiffany took money from her husband’s brother under the condition to stay away from his family otherwise he would do everything in his power to take her kids away from her. Now she is sitting in front of her best friend’s house about to crash a Christmas party. She is in dire straits and in need of help. Her abusive husband has found her and she fled with her kids through the bathroom window. Soon she will learn that the man she despises, the man who bought her absence from her kids’ family, is there as well.

It was barely a glimpse. More a . . . sense, really. An impression. But the chill in my bones told me who he was. It was like I had some sensor buried in my brain that warned me when he was close. Blake Edwards. My hate was a wrecking ball against that big beautiful red-brick wall that held me up. My unadulterated loathing for that man took my wall down in one swing.

Blake simplifies things with money. If you can pay for it you can put it in a box and you can keep it outside of your walls. You don’t have to deal with feelings because money speaks a clear language. This is the rule Blake lives by. He categorizes people and puts a prize tag on them. It is what he thinks he can do with Tiffany when she shows up after a year with her kids in tow. She needs help and Blake knows that he treated her despicably a year ago. He wants to do right by her and make her and her children safe.

But you are lying to yourself if you think your money makes things clear for other people. The only person it clarifies things for is you. Everyone else? Just pawns. Dylan . . . a pawn. Me, a pawn. Tiffany . . . a pawn. And you think you can control everything with this money of yours. But all you do is hurt people with it by trying to control them with it. In the end, it is what will hurt you the most. Because you’ll use it as a weapon to push everyone away. You’ll be alone, Blake. But maybe that’s the way you want it? Because alone is simple, isn’t it?” She left, taking what felt like my guts with her.

Tiffany is a survivor but behind all the bluster she shows her husband’s brother she is broken. Often times her pride gets in her way and then her steely backbone makes an appearance. She is hell bent to not need anyone but the longer she has to deal with Blake, the more she sees behind his walls but she knows she can’t trust her own feelings so she shies away from letting him in.

Blake seems cold and calculating but deep down festers a hurt so bad that he has built brick walls around his heart that are impossible to breach.

I said nothing, because all I’d ever done was hurt. And make sure no one saw it. It was my true skill. Well, making money and making sure no one knew how I felt.

But Tiffany comes with a wrecking ball and bit by bit she wears him down. Yet, they both have a long way to go until they find common ground.

I ADORED these thoroughly flawed characters. Both of them are so broken and hurt by their respective past that it was delicious to see them come undone by the other one. It was also hard to see them so desperately longing for the other one but too many years of unresolved issues and feelings lie buried inside of them.

God! Yes. Please. Please like me. Please see me. See everything I’ve hidden for so long in fear of scaring everyone I love away. See it and stay. See it and love me.

When Tiffany finds her self esteem and worth again it is glorious and finally Blake and her are equal. Their growth was nothing short of painful but also so rewarding in the end. And holy hell they were hot together!!

This is my first Molly O’Keefe book and it definitely won’t be my last. I love her writing, it is gritty but fluid. With Wait For It she gives us an angst-filled and emotional story. I read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. Now I need to catch up with the previous books in this series!

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