L.H. Cosway & Penny Reid

I’d never forget that look.
I’d never forget seeing her like this.
I’d never forget another moment with her for the rest of my life.

Young Eilish wakes up all googly eyed after the best night of her life in which she gave her virginity to rugby player and heart throb Bryan Leech. And the first words that come out of his mouth?

“Do me a favor, love, and close the curtains. I’ve got a splitting headache.”

This is not how she expected to be greeted. When the guy doesn’t remember her in the morning she is utterly humiliated. Tail between legs she flees the scene. That night, which admittedly was amazing, has severe consequences and turns her life upside down. It includes an adorable boy who looks exactly like his father, leaving the country and getting an education. Five years later she returns home and lands a job as a physio intern for the rugby team and she is determined to give a particular player a wide berth.

Bryan is a recovering alcoholic. After his coach found him on the floor passed out he issues an ultimatum: Either Bryan gets his sh*t together or he will be kicked out of the team. He has changed since then. He prefers tea to beer, wears PJs, a housecoat and fur-lined slippers. Some may call him boring these days but he needs the routine.
Parties are detrimental for an alcoholic so Bryan doesn’t really enjoy them as he used to. On his roommates birthday party he claps eyes on a beautiful redhead and damn but that hair color is his kryptonite. He knows he isn’t ready to date yet but she bedazzles him with her intelligence, aloofness and beauty.

It was part of my recovery. I needed to learn to look after other things than just myself. So far, I had failed. But now, for some inexplicable reason, I was more determined to succeed than ever. An image of blue eyes and red hair flashed in my mind.

What we get with this book is a wildly entertaining story with detailed and developed characters who act in a way you can relate to. Eilish is a strong and independent woman with a backbone to boot. Her deep love and devotion to her son are incredibly sweet to watch. Eilish is stubborn and a little bit stuck in the past. When she meets Bryan again, she is wary of him and still reeling from the fact that he doesn’t remember her but she does see the change he has gone through. He is a different man but can she trust him? With her son? Her heart? The truth?
Bryan’s change from party animal and alcoholic to a responsible adult is so well done. He deals with the new truths and realities in his life amazingly well and while they sometimes feel a little bit like setbacks they only help him to steel his resolve and move forward. 

If I wasn’t careful, Eilish Cassidy would be elevated to sainthood level in my mind. I decided I should debauch her before this happened.

I loved how he was with Eilish, how he adored her and didn’t hide it. When Bryan has made up his mind to make her his (well there wasn’t a choice really) he does so with purpose. And can I say how swoonworthy he is? The way he is with his son is so freaking adorable, all that came out of my mouth were different chants of “aaawwwww”.
I think this is a book that everyone would enjoy. It isn’t dark, it has a teeny bit angst which helped to make this an engaging read. It’s also surprisingly hot and has a lot of humor and lovely prose. These two authors are a match made in heaven. They click so well that you have no idea who is writing which chapter. I’m definitely going back to read the previous books in this series.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, still touching me, shifting his weight from one foot to the next.
“What for?” The question was out before I could catch it.
“For so many things. For not asking you out at Will’s party months ago, because I wanted to. For not kissing you back, because I really wanted to. But mostly,” he paused for a moment, his thumb sweeping along my jaw, “Mostly for ever making you think you are anything other than magnificent and unforgettable.”

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