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Rough & Tumble

Haven Brotherhood #1


Rhenna Morgan

Another weekend, another bar Vivienne has to drag her loose cannon of a sister out of and she is a little bit tired of playing her sister’s rescue party when Callie is drugged and/or drunk in a bar. It is then that Jace Kennedy, part owner of the business, sees the buttoned-up, pantsuit-clad Vivienne and notices the wild child behind the polished exterior. 

Vivienne shed her inner free spirit when she opened her own event planning company. She is convinced that clients prefer negotiating with a sophisticated woman. When she sees Jace for the first time she knows he is trouble. He knocks things loose inside of her that she can’t afford to have. Even more so with her past. Jace is dead-set on helping Viv to let go of the rules she set for herself and to actually live but the skittish woman needs gentle prodding and Jace is a bad boy personified, everything that she should avoid. Yet, there is an underlying vulnerability she senses beneath the tough guy… 

Jace Kennedy was hands down the absolute prime candidate for who not to get involved with, no matter how much her body disagreed. 

From the blurb I actually thought this would be an MC romance. When I started reading I realized it was something completely different. Yeah, those guys in the brotherhood are badass. They ride motorcycles and own businesses, some seemingly shady but they have one thing in common, they’d die for one another. I loved their banter and their loyalty, the way they had each other’s back. 

Vivienne is a sweet heroine, a little bit shy but with warmth and a big heart. She tries so hard to resist Jace, who is larger than life and sometimes simply too much for her personality. It is lovely to see how she grows into herself when Jace coaxes her out of her self imposed shell. I could relate to her and her way of thinking, how she thought that this intense man wouldn’t be safe for her. 

You’ve got layers. Lots of ’em. Passion and smarts and a sweet little heart. All of it wrapped up in curves that make a man want to touch.

Jace was an interesting character. In the beginning he reminded my of Kristen Ashley’s heroes and while a part of that is still true, he was something else entirely. He was rough around the edges but with a gentle touch for his woman. His inner caveman was always bubbling just under the surface and he was all man…but with Vivienne Jace let his soul show and it was a beautiful thing to witness. There is also no doubt that this woman is his and protects what belongs to him.  

Oh and are they hot together? Jesus, yes. They have intense chemistry. 

I love when I get to read new authors and it works out for both of us. Rhenna Morgan’s story about a brotherhood of guys and two amazing main characters is so much more than I expected from the blurb. There is a lot of banter and sweet and even a little mystery. She has also created multifaceted, deep and lovable characters you can relate to and root for. Meeting the rest of the brotherhood has only made me impatient for their stories. If this book is anything to go by we will be in for quite a ride. 

“She was perfect. Wild and sweet. Dirty and innocent. As if the universe had converged in some cosmic event and made the ideal woman just for him. After all he’d done, despite all his sins and imperfections, she was here. Bound to him in the most fundamental way a man could claim a woman. Somewhere, somehow, he must have done something right. Now all he had to do was find a way to make sure she didn’t slip away.” 

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