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Beard Science

Winston Brothers #3


Penny Reid

Every now and then you get a book in your hands that surprises the hell out of you. This was the case with Penny Reid’s Beard Science. My friend Christie raved about the last one so I really wanted to see what the fuss is all about. Now let me tell you, this was my first Penny Reid book but it definitely won’t be my last and I really need to catch up with this author’s other books. This story can be read as a standalone but trust me when I say that you will want to read them all. 

Jennifer is known as the Banana Cake Queen. She is a brand her mother knows how to market, Instagram account and a follower-ship of more than a million included. When she visits the sheriff’s office to make a testimonial video about her baked goods Cletus, one of the Winston Brothers is there as well. When she watches her video at home she is surprised to find she has evidence of something Cletus did that gives her leverage to blackmail him into doing something for her. 

When Jennifer approaches Cletus he is confused. This meek and docile woman blackmails him into helping her finding a worthy man she can marry and have a family with. But she doesn’ t know his cunning mind…


Cletus is the oddball in the Winston family and the protector. He is quirky and extremely intelligent and a lot of people have been on the receiving end of his revenge pranks. Nothing is simple about Cletus but when he talks he tells simple truths. There is something very wise about him that had me sit back a couple of times and mull over what he had just said. He is a unique character who uses his overactive brain first and feels second but Jennifer mixes it all up. She brings out the sweet in him and his confusion when he starts falling for her is hilarious. What I love about all of the Winston brothers is how they treat women. It’s almost a little bit antiquated and all kinds of adorable.


Jennifer was a bit of a riddle to me in the beginning. I didn’t understand why she let everyone bully her but every time somebody did my heart broke a little bit for her. 

“And – oh God – Cletus, I’m the worst. I’m so awkward, my awkward is embarrassed by my awkward.”

I loved how she started to rebel and once the backbone was firmly in place she stood up for herself. Jennifer is an incredibly sweet heroine with a kind heart and immense strength. She surprises the hell out of Cletus at every turn and his confusion about this slip of a woman is hysterical. 

As a rule, I didn’t like change. My Jennifer continuously surprised me, and her surprises were a thing of beauty.

The way they grow into something more is a slow but sweet burn. There is nothing hurried about them. They give a lot of thought to consequences but don’t overthink too much. I loved them together. 

She was so beautiful, my Jennifer. And not because of her eyes, or face, or any other outward attributes. The person she was held me transfixed. How could I have disregarded her? How could I have looked at her with anything but wonder and respect and desire?

Penny Reid’s writing style is just wonderful. There is an old fashioned quality about the way people talk to each other – I really loved that. If you look for a sweet, funny book with tons of romance and a sweet kind of steam this definitely is one you should consider. I’m looking forward to Billy’s story because I think there will be some heartbreak there. 

“You want to know what you are to me? Fine. You’re my beginning, my middle, and end.”

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