The Goal

Off Campus #4


Elle Kennedy

Let me start by saying that I adore this authors writing style and stories. She is one of those I can’t get enough of. When I close a book I crave the next one. Please do not let the possibly lower ratings of this installment compared to the others divert you from reading Tucker’s and Sabrina’s story. At the end of the day it was a highly enjoyable book and I still loved it big time. I’ll explain.

Sabrina is everything you hated in a girl at school. Beautiful, a magnet for men and a bitch. But we all know that underneath the smooth and hard layer there often is an insecure or troubled spirit. That hardness she displays comes from growing up with little money, living with a stepdad who gives you the creeps and without a mother, who ran away leaving her daughter in the care of her own mother. Relationships are a hinderance on her way to better herself, she is on her way to Harvard and nothing will stand in the way to reach her goal. Hookups are fine though so when she meets John Tucker that’s all she sees in him. 

Tucker’s plans after graduation involve going back to Texas and using his degree and inheritance money to open his own business. When he lays eyes on Sabrina he feels an instant connection. A one night stand turns into an explosive sexual relationship. 

She reminds me a little of those untamed ponies, all wide eyes, long legs, and the unspoken promise of the best ride of your life. 

Tuck wishes for more but he understands that Sabrina’s need to get out of her current situation and living a better life than the one she grew up in has priority. That one night though has consequences neither of them expected. When life gives you lemons…ask for Tequila, because you’ll need it.

The first half of the book Sabrina didn’t give me much to love her. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate her, her motives are sound and relateable but the walls she had errected seemed impenetrable and I was wondering why Tucker chose her. He kept saying how sweet she was and how big of a heart she had but I didn’t see it. I just didn’t get the feeling that there was more to her than a hardened girl who does have her qualities but they don’t include sweetness or a big heart. She is fine for a hookup but for the relationship, Tuck craves? Nah. She is however ambitious, focused and resilient. (Note: we are still talking about the first half). 

Tucker is the kind of book boyfriend who sets the bar to a new level and you’ll compare anyone to him. He is a nurturer, sweet, a Southern gentleman with a matching drawl. And the dirty things that come out of his mouth will have you change your panties more frequently.

“I hate to tell you this, Sabrina. But you’ve made a big mistake.
“What? Why?”
“Because I’m going to ruin you for all future guys. I apologize in advance”

What you see is what you get with him, he is as genuine as they come. Rare as they are he is a guy who doesn’t mind committment, he wants a relationship, family, picket fence and all the hoopla.  He wants to take care of Sabrina and does everything to lift her burden. He showers her with attention and I didn’t quite understand why he was so set on making her happy when she didn’t give him much back. I kept thinking that she didn’t deserve him. 

The second half I started to see the cracks in Sabrina’s armour and she softened considerably. She became more affectionate, more emotional. She turned into somebody who I admired and even started to love. Unfortunately, it was a little bit too late then.

We get to spend time with the whole gang and I hope that we’ll see a “where are they now” type of novella at some point. The story is peppered with Elle Kennedy’s signature banter and had me snorting and giggling a lot.

I loved  Tucker’s mischievious side:

(about his new room-mate)

“I signed up for a fake Instagram account so I can troll him. When he posts something, I’ll wait a day or so and then pop on to comment about how cool it is that he and my grandpa are rocking the same shirt. Ive done that twice now and each time, I’ve seen him shoving the shirt down the apartment’s trash compactor.”

(about Sabrina’s stepdad)

The bastard is rude, crude and lewd. His not a good dude. Yep, Dr. Seuss could write a series of adult rhyming books about that creep.

As I said in introduction, this was another enjoyable installment in the Off Campus series and despite all my misgivings I loved every second reading it. So now the waiting game starts again, I can’t wait to see what this author has for Fitzy in store!

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