One Week to Score
(Tall, Dark, and Texan #3)
Kate Meader

This is one of those books that is low in the angst department and has a high fun factor. I finished it with a smile on my face. It’s a frenemy to lovers/best friend’s sister story with all kinds of attitude, sass and cockiness. 

Olivia’s wedding didn’t happen. The American Texas Princess was supposed to marry a congressman but now-ex-friend and maid of honor couldn’t resist the temptation to tap the groom-to-be on their wedding day. She goes on a mission to comfort herself by indulging in random hook-ups

Flynn Cross, of all people, crosses her plans (see what I did there?). He has had a thing (and hard-on) for his best friend’s sister for 15 years so he will stop at nothing to keep Livvie from going through with her intentions. Since Livvie is going on the planned honeymoon trip despite the wedding disaster he just invites himself and offers to be her sex toy for a week. 

“I’ll give you whatever you want whenever you want it. Any time of day, you need relief, just crook your finger and I’ll crook mine. Against you, inside you, deep as you need it. If I’m not around, text me and I’ll come, ready to make you come. For one week, I’ll fulfill every fantasy on demand and get you off so many times we’ll break records.”

Olivia isn’t a happy camper though – Flynn broke her heart 7 years ago. They used to exchange emails and care packages when he was in Iraq, one day her brother’s best friend didn’t return her mails any longer. Every attempt at communication was declined by him. So why does Flynn insert himself back into her life now?

“Shut it, Flynn. Just… oh God, you’ve been impossible to evict, because possession is nine-tenths of the law. You’re inside me. A part of me. But you pulled me close with one hand and crushed my heart with the other, and I can’t go through that again.”

This was an adorable and fun romp. Livvie throws sass and attitude throughout the whole book, she doesn’t smooth Flynn’s way back into her life. There is a lot of cursing and ‘tude coming for him which he takes in stride and with a huge happy smile on his face. Flynn, despite being the kind of man-ho we love, isn’t without depth though, he has a secret which isn’t as funny, yet it doesn’t distract from the generally lighthearted tone of the story. 

One thing that annoyed me a little bit was the way Olivia handled Flynn’s reason he kept his distance. She says that she doesn’t want to make it about herself but she did anyway. I think with a little bit reflection she should have understood that he was broken and if you are you don’t make sound decisions. You do get a good look at her big heart though. There is another secret which I don’t really want to spoil but it gives you an idea what kind of person Flynn is and while it doesn’t make him appear in a good light the reasons behind it are kind of understandable. 

Flynn is an adorable hero and I’m amazed with how much humor he handles Olivia’s attitude. Once Livvie gives in they burn up the pages. SCORCHING! The humor is like a red thread from beginning to end and I giggled and chuckled and snorted A LOT! I will definitely read more of this author, she has that kind of tongue-in-cheek writing style I love. 

“You’re so sure you have me, aren’t you? That I’m going to fall into your dicksand?”“Dicksand?”“Like quicksand. But with your dick”.

ARC via Netgally in exchange for an honest review – thank you!

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