5 Royally Ruined Stars

5 Royally Ruined Stars

Broken Prince
The Royals #2
Erin Watt

God. I’m so screwed. This series has me in its grip and tickles and squeezes emotions out of me I didn’t know I still had. These Royals slayed me and put me back together only to have me destroyed yet again. This book is a whole new level of awesome, I think it might even get its own zip code. As my friend Lana so aptly stated: “Welcome to the addiction! LMAO!” Well thanks, woman, you and Christie have ruined me too and I love you for it.

I may refer to events that happened in the Paper Princess so if you haven’t DEVOURED it yet I urge you to stop reading here.

I think most of us who read adult literature would agree that we don’t read YA. There is too much unnecessary drama. Even so, this book has a boatload of drama and we still fell hard for this family. I think we all can also agree that the killer cliffhanger at the end of book 1 ripped our hearts out. Fear not, Broken Prince will satisfy most of your question marks and turn them in exclamation marks. But be aware that you will get a whole box of new questions.

While Paper Princess was written in Ella’s voice this one has a dual POV which made Broken Prince so much deeper and even more emotional. We get to see events from book 1 through Reed’s eyes, it makes some of them so much more significant in hindsight.

The undeniable attraction between Ella and Reed comes to full bloom and they add a lot of depth and growth to their relationship. Until then, though, it’s emotions galore because our sweet girl still doesn’t roll over. Reed has to bring out the big guns to win back Ella’s trust. And let me tell you, she holds a mean grudge. I had to consciously unclench my muscles from anxiety.

“He told me to stay away. He told me I didn’t belong. If only I’d listened to him.”

Reed is a wonderfully broken hero who finds his equal in Ella. These two are so alike despite the completely opposing environments they grew up in. Reed’s remorse is beautiful to watch, the honesty in it is heartbreaking. Ella’s struggle to not fall for his half truths is real. There is an inherent loneliness to her that only Reed can banish.

“Sometimes I forget that he’s got a heart that is as fragile as mine”

The lies, deception and distrust are the common denominators in all things Royal. They are the reason for their fights but also for their strong bonds. And if you thought there were many lies and deceptions in PP…you ain’t seen nothing yet. There are layers upon layers of them and it’s no surprise that the Royal family bonds are challenged.

“She’s the best thing to happen to the Royals in a long time.”

I adored every word, every letter in Broken Prince. I loved the secondary characters even though I hated some of them but there is so much substance to them that, even though you might despise them, in your deepest depths you might find a tiny grain of understanding for them. Ella and Reed have made my “favorite couples ever” list. I loved them hard.

How I will survive until October I have no idea. The way these Royals ruin us all is amazing and mind boggling. Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick have created a world that speaks to me on a visceral level that I haven’t found often in books. I can’t recommend The Royals enough.

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