3 Frisky Stars

3 Frisky Stars

Prime Minister
Frisky Beaver #1
Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller

Who doesn’t love a forbidden romance spiced with a little bit of kink? I know I do, so I had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately, for me it didn’t keep its promise. But from the beginning.

Gavin Strong is Canada’s new Prime Minister. He is young, gorgeous and popular with the people. What the public doesn’t know is that he likes his sex with some BDSM kink. When the new intern enters the scene his mind fill with all kinds of desires, one of them being spanking Ellie’s ass pink.

With Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky-disaster on his mind he forbids himself to even think about anything sexual involving his subordinate.

Ellie is shy and awkward. She has had a crush on the new PM for a while, needless to say, she is super exited to be able to work with him. Gavin gives her mixed signals and anyway, why would he pursue the shy girl when he can have all of the female population of Canada?

After having read for a while I checked my progress in the book and realized that I had hardly moved from the beginning. It felt like I had read for hours…and this is one of the main problems I had with this story. It trickled along without a lot things happening to move it forward.

I also had some issues with the main characters. While both of them were very likable nothing seemed to fit together. Gavin was supposed to be a Dom. To me he felt more like a regular, nice guy who liked some light BDSM in order to not get bored in the sack. Ellie went from shy and awkward to a super seductress in the blink of an eye. One moment she flushed at everything Gavin said, the next she was this extremely confident woman. The transformation was too seamless. There were other quibbles I had – like why Gavin was so weird after the threesome. He wanted to fulfill Ellie’s fantasy, yet, afterwards he needed distance because he couldn’t deal with his possessive nature. That didn’t work for me.

Despite all my quibbles, Gavin and Ellie both were sweet and caring and had great chemistry. I really wanted to love the story, it became a “like” after all. There was some funny banter between main and secondary cast, which still made the book worth reading.

Talk about seamless, I felt there was a distinct difference in the two authors’ writing – at least during the first 30, 40%.  It wasn’t as homogeneous as I’ve seen with other cooperating authors. Maybe this won’t be as obvious in the next installment. Otherwise the writing style was quite good.

I know this book worked for other readers really well so don’t let me opinion keep you from trying it. It is a sweet story after all. There were some very cute moments between our main cast and the sex was mostly off the charts hot.

Although this wasn’t my favorite book of the year I do want to read more of this author duo. The last chapter is from Gavin’s best friend Max’s POV and introduces us to his story and I definitely want to read this! And finally there is Lachlan who I can’t wait to read about!

ARC via Netgally in exchange for an honest review – thank you!

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