3 Caring Stars

Gah. I wanted to love this. Damn you, Olivia.

I love Sawyer Bennett. She is my go-to author after a book hangover – her relatively angst-free stories usually make me snap out of it. This time not so much. I will forgo a retelling of the plot and jump into what made me rate this only 3 stars when SB is usually at least a 4 star read for me.

Garrett is a man whore. He loves women and sex. The more the merrier. He doesn’t even consider a serious relationship in his life so when he meets Olivia he isn’t prepared for all the feelings she awakens in him but for some reason he still embraces them without so much as a blink.

Olivia. I still don’t have a good read on her personality and I’m finished with the book. I was told she is, I don’t know, funny and witty? But I didn’t see any of that. The only thing I can say about her is that she handled her disease with grace and courage – in the beginning – later on she lost all of that with one poor choice. She was one-dimensional and flat to me.

There were some situations and reactions by the MCs I didn’t completely understand. Like, why the heck was Garrett so pissed off for being called out being the man whore he was? Also, why was he pissed off that neither Alex nor Sutton told him about Olivia’s cancer? Excuse me? He’d just known Olivia for 10 days, at that time he usually had forgotten about his newest conquest…additionally it wasn’t anybody else’s secret to tell except Olivia’s ESPECIALLY since Olivia asked Alex and Sutton not to tell Garrett. Did I miss a memo which says that it’s nowadays OK to tell somebody else’s secrets? And what does Olivia do? No she doesn’t say “get a freaking grip, Garrett”. She lets poor Sutton handle the situation and watches as her friend repeatedly apologizes to him. SO WEIRD.

Olivia made some very poor decisions and the drama in the end was completely unnecessary.

I still gave this 3 stars because I loved Garrett. He was fun and the way he cared about and for Olivia endeared him to me. Also, man whore. Yum.

I hope I’ll love the next Sawyer Bennett book again.

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