5 Cherry Popping Stars

So this happened. My M/M cherry has been popped.

I can’t even begin to say how much I enjoyed this. This is my first book by Cambria Hebert and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last – especially since the author hints at events happening in an earlier series called #hashtag.

Trent is a mild mannered, protective, good natured guy who loves his family, his best friend and his car. Drew is said best friend – they love to hang out, especially at underground races where Drew is an independent driver. He loves the adrenaline rush coursing through his veins when he is in his car on a track. Drew is the more complicated of the two and their personalities complement one another.

One night Trent gets totally smashed and Drew takes care of his best friend. He takes him home and lets him sleep off the booze in Trent’s blood. Alcohol makes you overcome inhibitions – you say things you would never say in a sober state. Trent admits to being attracted to Drew. The next day he pretends to have forgotten the things he said.

“I didn’t want to talk to anyone right now. Especially Drew.
I wasn’t gay.
Except…maybe I was.”

Their relationship and closeness is a slow burn, coming to terms with the fact that they might be gay isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The care they have for each other is always tangible and once they admit that there is more than friendship between the two of them it’s a sensual explosion. The biggest problem they are facing though is how will their environment react to their new relationship?

The way Drew and Trent grew into their love I grew too. I loved how sweet they were with each other, how devoted and thoughtful. This was my first M/M read and I can only recommend it to everyone who is interested in this genre. I was being eased into the relationship of two guys and at no time I felt uncomfortable or that it was out of my comfortzone.

“You are my person”, he concluded after a moment of silence, “My exclusive person”

This book ends on a cliffy, and I HATE those. I avoid them like the plague but I wasn’t aware and since the next one in the series is supposed to be released very soon I’ll let this slide. 😉

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